i know it says on the bottle that you can only take so much, but what do you do when they've worn off, but its not time to take more? can taking more when the pain comes back really hurt you , becuse the way i figgure it, if your in pain, there shouldnt be enough left in your body to hurt you anyway?


ive been taking the members mark brand version of ibuprophen for my teeth ( i just had my braces adjusted)

Update 2:

i know that the braces thing doesnt sound major, but i have alergies, and some times when i rub my nose it feels like my front teeth will pop out

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    It depends on the painkiller and the dosage. Some painkillers such as Tylenol when taken more then the dosage can cause liver failure. Narcotics when taken too many can cause respiratory depression. You would need to be more specific because each medication has a different maximum dosage that can be taken. For instance, ibuprofen comes in 200 mg pills. On the bottle it says to take one, but the actual maximum dosage that can be taken is 800 mg every 8 hours. It just all depends.

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    There are a lot of answers for this question. Usually, the Doctor prescribes what is best for you, by knowing what are in the medication, as well as your body mass. Sometimes if you are an obese person you can get away with a little stronger dose, but more than likely the doctor has already taken that into account before he prescribes. Some pain meds have a lot of acetaminophen which is harmful to the liver. A low dose drug like Darvoset, contains 650 mg of this and a smaller amount of another drug. It usually prescribed as 2 ever 4 to 6 hours. Too much of this drug can cause liver damage, just like taking too much Tylenol. Be careful what you take. If you are still in pain, talk to your doctor. Maybe you should get into a pain management program where they try to help you with meds and other things to manage the pain.

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    Source(s): Twenty Five years of living with a broken back and dealing with the pain.
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    call your Dr. if Pain meds aren't working. They can help you by upping your meds(narcotics) or prescribing a higher dose of over the counter. I take an anti inflammatory twice a day for knee swelling. The doc told me its essentially 1000mg of ibuprofen, just prescribed. So by calling the Dr. they can def. put you in the right direction. DO NOT SELF MEDICATE OR COMBINE ALCOHOL

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