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Concerned about children?

If children accuse a parents boyfriend of physical abuse (discipline wise) can Child Protective Services remove the child from the home?

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    Child Protective Services would look into the dynamics of the mom (or dad) unable to protect the children from her (or his) boyfriend. The last thing CPS wants to do is take children from their families but if the abuse is severe, has occured before and the parent cannot protect, it may happen. Is the parent aware of this and protecting the boyfriend? is it a false allegation? CPS would likely ask teh parent to ask the boyfriend to leave BEFORE taking the child if it was in fact physical abuse. DISCIPLINE IS NOT ALWAYS ABUSE but SADLY many people take punishment way too far. If a parent will not protect their child, who will?!

    Source(s): Child Protective Services Social Worker
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    If you are not providing a safe environment for your children then yes CPS can remove them. They will first investigate if the discipline was excessive, and then determine if the child or children are left alone are even seeing that person anymore. If someone is being abused they need to report it immediately, and even if there is the fear of being taken away from a parent there are many different solutions available, not just removal of the child. If the child is being abused the boyfriend may face charges and be arrested and that could help solve the problem.

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    Child protective services would not only remove the child from the home, they would also press charges against you for not having a safe home environment for you children. The child's actually parents should be the only people to discipline the child-especially spanking, since it is borderline anyway. Don't let your boyfriend punish your children.

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    There would have to be some outside corroboration - like physical proof, or anothe witness. Especially if it's a teenager making the accusations. CPS will know that the kids are likely to make things up to get back at him.

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    If the boyfriend lives in the home, then I am sure they could, yes.

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