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Tapioca flour substitute...?

I want to make Brazilian cheese bread/puffs/balls, but I can't seem to find tapioca flour anywhere. I'm going to keep looking, but I'm not confident I'll find anything. Is there anything I can substitute for the tapioca flour? I know cornstarch is used the same way to thicken sauces, but can it be used as a substitute in baking?

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    You could get the closest to tapioca flour by mixing regular flour 3/4 with 1/4 corn starch. If you have a really GOOD blade on your blender, you could also put the tiny 'balls' of tapioca that come in the red box into the blender and pulse it until they become flour. Look for tapioca flour in Asian grocery stores, not American ones ... I've seen it in just about every grocery store in our 'International District' which is the equivalent of Chinatown, plus Japanese, Vietnamese, and other Asian cultures there ...

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    Substitute Tapioca Flour

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    take the tapioca and grind it up .

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