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In this and the following four problems you have to determine the structure of a molecule or polyatomic ion us

In this and the following four problems you have to determine the structure of a molecule or polyatomic ion using VSEPR or ED theory. You also have to determine the hybridization of the atomic orbitals on the central atom. Use the character labels from the table below to indicate the proper VSEPR arrangement of electron domains around the central atom and the actual structure of the molecule or ion. Note that you have only three tries on each part.

2 Pairs L = Linear

3 Pairs TPL = Trigonal Planar

B = Bent

4 Pairs TET = Tetrahedral

TPY = Trigonal Pyramidal

B = Bent

5 Pairs TBP = Trigonal Bipyramidal

S = See-saw

T = T-shaped

L = Linear

6 Pairs O = Octahedral

SPY = Square Pyramidal

SQP = Square Planar

According to valence bond theory, what hybridization of atomic orbitals on the central I atom in IO4- is necessary to accommodate the shape of IO4-? Enter your answer without superscripts, for example: sp3d2.

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    Using VSEPR, the structure for the periodate anion, IO4- is tetrahedral.

    The resonance hybrid consists of 4 equivalent Lewis structures. Each possesses one I-O single bond with three lone pairs arround that O, and three I=O double bonds with two lone pairs on those O atoms. The iodine atom contains NO lone pairs. It is an AX4 system which requires sp3 hybridization at iodine and a tetrahedral e- pair geometry. The molecular geometry is the same since there are no lone pairs present on the iodine atom.

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  • 4 years ago

    no remember if that is atom, you will discover it image in periodic table and that is for freed from cost. because of the fact by utilising defination, the kind of proton and electrons could be equivalent in extensive kind for an atom For ion, that is formed by utilising the addition of subtraction of electrons from or to an atom. hence, it ought to have cost (eg Ca^2+) For fomula unit, from the defination from wikipedia. that's the backside total extensive kind ratio of ions represented in an ionic compound. Strickly conversing, that is not "a sort of compound". as an occasion, in a crystal of salt, there is billion of Na+ and Cl- ions exist interior the crystal. whether, because of the fact the ratio of Na+ and Cl- is mostly a million:a million. hence, we write NaCl quite of permit say "Na10000Cl10000. For polyatomic ions. From the call, all of us comprehend that "poly" propose "extra beneficial than one". hence, that is a mix of two or extra atoms and contain cost. For molecules. by utilising defination, a moleules can exist by utilising its very own in ecosystem. it is not comparable to ions. For ions, a cation (eg Na+) could be exist provided that a counterion exist (eg Cl-). whether, for a oxygen molecules as an occasion (O2), it may exist by utilising its very own. A molecule commonly would not have cost. Ionic compounds commonly sort lacttice shape yet not molecules. whether, be careful that some atom could be a molecule additionally. For noble gasoline, for an occasion, argon (Ar) can exist in atomsphere in its atomic sort. hence that is an atom and molecule concurrently.

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