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What does it mean to work for scale when you're an actor?

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    Just to add on to the correct answers above.

    Scale is the minimum wage is set by the actors' unions (SAG, AFTRA, AEA). This only applies to union productions.

    Also, scale is different for different types of performance. For example, someone doing an off-camera voiceover will usually make a lower scale than an on-camera performer.

    Agents negotiate additional pay; you can get scale plus 10%, 20% on up.

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    Scale Meaning

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    There is a set minimum wage for actors. It means to work for that.

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    Not just a union production thing; working for scale also happens when the team want to get a niche movie made, that otherwise couldn t be financed - eg Scorcese s Silence (2016)

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    it is the minimum allowable rate that the Union dictate , or in other words actors minimum wage.

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