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Touch Screen Laptops?

I could get a touch screen laptop if I know more about them. So could some one please tell things about a touch screen laptop. I really need to know very badly. Because I really want one.


What is a tablet laptop? I dont know much about them so.

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    Tablet is a touch screen laptop, usually a "convertable". See link below. There are also ones that are "slates" which don't have keyboards but are not really popular...other than for like UPS people and industrial stuff like that. It's basically a Vista machine with a touch screen and you can write on it etc. but less powerful than a normal laptop in order to keep the cost down a bit so people will buy them.

    For Vista, get at least 2 GB RAM / 256MB Video RAM and make sure it’s certified. If you can afford, get 3GB RAM / 384MB VRAM …then Vista should rock your socks. If you learn how to use it, Vista features and technology blows XP away…when it works fast. ;) You want it to last so get 64-bit Vista Home Premium or Ultimate. It’s mega-fast with 64-bit apps as well as lets you upgrade > 4GB TOTAL RAM (system RAM + graphics card + other devices). 64-bit also requires “MS approved” (a.k.a. digitally signed) drivers so this “might” help with hardware compatibility, etc. This is MS’s way of trying to get everyone to “move on” if they are able to.

    But if you have old programs, they might not work (esp. with 64-bit version). Google “Vista compatibility list”. Knowing a bit about computers helps getting the old problematic ones to work (Internet has a lot of solutions that smart people share).

    Ultimate is the best but if you don’t think you need anything that fancy, Home Premium is good too. Get a good video card if you want Aero graphics (at least 256MB 128-bit in the newer cards)… better if you can afford. Vista technology distributes more graphics processing to the video card and relieves the CPU for other things. Therefore, a good video card will make Vista work better.

    Vista uses extra RAM to store commonly used files in a new activity known as “disk caching” (SuperFetch). The computer uses artificial intelligence to determine which files will be used most and copies it to RAM (where it is much faster than accessing your hard disk). This includes components of the programs you use on a regular basis. When you need more RAM for programs you launch, etc. the computer purges the “least likely used” files from RAM to make room for the new program. That’s why if you look at the performance monitor, Vista always has near zero “free” RAM. So in theory, the more RAM (for disk cache) you have, the faster your computer will operate. This can also be augmented (to a lesser effect) with a flash drive/card with a technology called ReadyBoost. Just stick it in and select “Speed up my system” and leave it there. Google “AnandTech ReadyBoost Performance” for basic test examples.

    High RAM will be especially helpful for those people who like to leave all their windows open and use Vista’s “S3 sleep mode” (2 watts) so they can resume where they left off almost immediately after they turn their computers on.

    Vista Home Premium and Ultimate has Windows Media Center, where with a TV card/USB adapter (if not integrated) of the type that fits your TV/Cable, acts similar to TiVo. You can play your videos, schedule recordings, etc. You can get a wireless keyboard / mouse or gyro-mouse and it will be sort of like remote control. If you do this, get a big Hard Disk.

    MS Office productivity software works best on Windows. The Mac version is really nerfed and doesn’t have new features like Office Ribbon interface, Mini Toolbars, and Live Preview, among a large list. There are also less individual titles in the Mac version.

    Vista supports touch-screens and voice recognition if you’re into note-taking and dictation. A good program to use with this is OneNote, which is included in some Office editions.

    Deals of America and Tech Bargains catch good deals on HP and Dell’s and sometimes you can get like $500 off! XPBargains has deals and coupons on Tablet PC’s!

    Unless you are an artist, most Universities (and programs) as well as the rest of the world use Windows. WinMacs are popular but for the price, Macs don’t run Windows as well as other brands, but sometimes it doesn't really matter that much to most users. In addition some just want it for fashion and like them to match their iPods.

    Here are some statistics to put it into perspective.

    Note that these “internet traffic statistics” actually miss a lot of Windows PC usage because many are used for work and do not surf the internet much (if at all). Thus the Windows PC’s out there may be even MORE than the representation on the charts!

    Macs are durable because many have an accelerometer in there that can "increase the chance" of saving your hard drive when you drop it. Like those used in airbags. The power cord is also magnetically attached so it reduces the chance that you yank it off the table.

    OSXMacs can exclusively install Final Cut Pro (which is good for media work). Adobe Creative Suite is also good and available for Windows but works better on OSX. The Windows version actually looks like an OSX port. Though the nextgen CS4 64-bit will only be available for Windows. Macs will only get CS4 32-bit. :( Hence, many OSX users are artists historically. Emotion workers are generally not as good with computers as logic workers so OSX is good for them. Because OSX is less complicated and harder to mess up, a lot of computer newbies also use Macs and that’s why you see a lot of “Get a Mac! They are so awesome!” without any technical explanation to back up that opinion. ;)

    Mac Pros:

    OSX stability

    OSX is easy to use

    Dual-bootable to Windows

    More durable than many brands


    Mac Cons:

    Not as much peripheral support

    Not as much software support

    Windows doesn’t run as well



    Windows PC Pros:

    More customizable

    More choices

    More styles

    Cheap hardware

    Vista has best gaming capability (Direct3D 10)

    Windows PC Cons:

    Less stable (unless you are an IT pro)

    Many are relatively not as fashionable

    Not as user-friendly

    Some extra features in Windows requires advanced knowledge to use

    The extra features require better hardware despite your use of them or not

    Details of features can be found here:

    Some brand statistics: In terms of recent sales, the top 3 manufacturers are HP, Dell, and Acer (Gateway). Apple is #4 in USA.

    Pretty good deal on a powerful laptop: $900 - Gateway M-6851, Intel Core 2 Duo T5550 (1.83GHz), 15.4" Wide XGA, 4GB Memory DDR2 667, 250GB HDD, Dual layer DVD Burner (5xDVD-RAM compatible!), ATI Mobility Radeon HD 2600 (512MB 128-bit GDDR3 Dedicated Video Memory)

    Pretty good deals on mid to powerful Tablet PC’s: $700 - Gateway C-141X / $1100 - Gateway C142XL

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    I cannot deliver myself to criticize the fellow you installed stitches. What you are speakme approximately calls for really refined hardware. There is not a conversion package for you computer. If you've got just a little laptop engineering revel in, you might on the whole pull this off, but it surely sounds very just like you're no longer a laptop engineer or coaching to be one. If you desire the capability you've got defined you'll be able to must spend money on a pill PC. Blue Screen located an upload on that clips over the reveal. That would possibly give you the results you want. Good success.

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    I don't think they make TOUCH Screen. They make Tablet Laptops which let your use a pointer to do stuff on the screen. (I'm sure you could use your finger, but it wasn't made for your finger it was made for a pointer). They are nice because they are smaller, and usually you can flip the screen around so You can see just the screen.

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    My dad has one, but he doesn't really the touch screen that much. Your able to write on it and it will begins to recognize your own handwriting, so that's kind of cool.

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