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which 85cc dirt bike is the better???????suzuki,honda,yamaha??

which is a better dirt for the money?i going to buy a 85 cc dirt bike and im not sure which one is better for the money im going to spend. im think of getting around a 2003 to 2006 model of a yamaha yz85, honda cr85 or a suzuki rm85 which one is the better bike all around ?????

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    They are all good bikes. You said 03 to 06. Get whatever you can afford but go for the newest year not the brand.

    Source(s): 25 years of off road racing
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    They are all about the same with one exception, the Honda and Yamaha do not use a power valve. This is fine for advanced riders, but for a beginner to intermediate rider it is a disadvantage. So if you are an A or B class racer any of the 3 would be fine, but if you are a C class racer or just ride for fun go for the RM, although the KTM85 is a better choice for any level but you didn't include it as an option.

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    if i was u i would go for the honda because of its reliability and control. yes the yamaha is faster than the honda and suzuki but the honda looks and handels well. to be honest completly rule out the suzuki.

    i have owned both yamaha yz 85 and honda cr 85 and the honda comes out on top.

    go for the honda but the yamaha is still a great bike and why dont you have a look at ktm

    good luck

    p.s go for the honda or look at ktm.

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    This is the best - even though the cost is up there, it is a very well built machine.

    My sons have put it through the trails and they ride it pretty hard.

    Only problem I've had was the rear brake wears fast, but I upgraded to a better pad now and thats fixed.

    Source(s): KTM ROCKS!!!!!!
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    HONDA IS THE BEST!!! its the best u can find, unless u r looking for a racing bike, in which KTM is the best, but honda is durable and relyable.

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    if you have the money KTM but id go with a RM85 my firends got one and it hauls a** get the big wheel too

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    it really doesnt matter there all good bikes.handling wise maybe suzuki.if your planning on raceing then go with a four stroke like crf150

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