whats the difference between swiss rated barings and ABEC rated bearings?

in relation to skateboarding what is the difference between the two ratings??? any help appreciated

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    "swiss" is not a rating. Bones called their bearings that because their early bearings were made in Switzerland.

    Since they were the first company that was recognized as making very good bearings, other companies started calling their bearings "swiss" or "swiss style" as a marketing tool even if they were made in China like many of Bones bearings are. Bones bearings are very good but meet no standard rating.

    It actually very meaningless.

    ABEC is almost as meaningless. It is an industrial rating for lack of vibration in high speed machinery. It is for things that spin a lot faster than in skates or skateboards.

    The early inline skates and skateboards had a grade of bearings called "precision" which they are anything but. That is the lowest class of bearings made and are unbelievably sloppy.

    Skate companies wanted better bearings and went to the commonly available commercial bearings with ABEC ratings. Even ABEC 1 bearings are so much better than precision bearings that ABEC became a marketing thing and the number wars started. If 1 is good, than most people assume that 3, 5, and 7 must be better.

    The best skate bearings are not rated. Companies like Bones, ZeroDrag, and TwinCam have designed the bearings with looser tolerances in some locations than are allowed by ABEC 1 so that they have less friction when rolling.

    Most companies (even the good ones) use bearings from a number of countries. The ZeroDrag bearings are made by Pure Bearings in the US.

    Wheels will usually make a bigger difference than the bearings and most of the difference in similar quality bearings is the lubricant used in them.

    The best thing is to find bearings that work well for you and stick with them.

    I get the ZeroDrag bearings from RollerBob (www.rollerbob.com) because he is a local person and I trust his recomendations.

    Source(s): 12+ years of inline skating.
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    the abec rating doesnt affect skateboarding very much it was design to rate machine bearings the spin thousands of time faster than a skateboard could. so a high abec will not affect the performance necessarily for a skateboard.The ABEC rating system ignores side loading, impact resistance, materials selection and grade, appropriateness of lubrication, ball retainer type, grade of ball, the clearance between the balls and the races, installation requirements, and the need for maintenance and cleaning

    so bones came up with there rating system specifically for skateboard bearings.


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