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Why did Jesus turn water into wine instead of something healthier like soy milk or green tea?

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    because he insisted on people getting drunk instead of drinking water. Thus pointing out yet another contradiction in the goddamn bible.

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    1. Water carried dysentery and even cholera in those days. There was no water purification and anyone who drank water in a town risked severe disease because of poor sanitation.

    2. Fermentation of grape juice produces alcohol and other material that, when mixed with water and allowed to stand, kill most of the dangerous bacteria. Most of the wine produced in that period was fairly low in alcohol. Even the Romans of the time mixed their wine with water. Drinking straight wine was usually considered a vice by the Romans and a sign of possible alcoholism. In some countries wine was mixed with herbs, honey or even beeswax.

    3. Where grapes could not be grown, the usual drink was beer. This again was a fairly low alcohol variety. In western societies until about 1880 or so some of the first businesses to be established in new towns were breweries to give people something to drink that would not make them sick.

    4. Soy milk is Japanese and would not have been heard of in the region 2000 years ago. It has only reached western stores over the past 15 - 20 years. (Some people claim soy contains estrogen mimics that can lead to disease.) In any case, I doubt that it is kosher.

    5. Green tea is Chinese and would not have been heard of in the region 2000 years ago. Tea making requires boiling water, which again disinfects it.

    6. It was only after the introduction of safe municipal water supplies that the "Temperance" movement could start and the lie that it was a sin to drink alcohol at all was put about. The idiotic assertion that the marriage at Cana involved grape juice almost certainly dates from after this time.

    7. Muslims did not drink alcohol in most of their societies but made non-alcoholic drinks "sherbet" and coffee.

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    Wine was what happened to grape juice stored without refrigeration for a couple of weeks.

    Soy milk didn't exist. And the people of the Middle East did grow some kinds of beans, but not soybeans.

    Green tea hadn't migrated out of the orient.

    And finally, there weren't any health nuts in the world at that time.

    The Egyptians drank lots of beer, but Jesus didn't choose to turn the water into beer.

    In any case, the water wasn't safe to drink.

    With respect to franhu's and awaken's comments that it was really grape juice - You should try a little experiment. Get some pure grape juice without preservatives (or squeeze it yourself from fresh grapes.) Put it in a jar and sit it in a corner. Come back in a week or two and see if it's still grape juice.

    Even Jesus didn't have a freezer at home!

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    First, the Greek language would not have a separate be conscious for fermented and unfermented juice. So the "wine" of John 2 ought to easily as definitely have been basically a juice quite than a wine. the marriage became a Jewish wedding ceremony, so they could have stated Kosher rules, which forbid the serving of milk (and a milk containing drink like a shake) if meat became coated. Odds are very intense that a meat became being served on the marriage. So had Jesus created "milk" it could have been a finished waste for the reason that no you could even have under the effect of alcohol it.

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    Holy snap, if Jesus could turn water into green tea all the time for me, I'd convert faster than a rubber duckie down niagra falls. Green tea is like drugs, for me.

    I think it was wine though, cause that seemed to be the drink of the century.

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    Well, there it was a wedding party that he performed the miracle at, correct? And at the party, people were upset because they were out of wine, right? So if he had turned the water into soy milk, all he would get is a lot of complaints about how what they really wanted was more wine and Jesus was just some buzz kill and then the miracle wouldn't be remembered very fondly.

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    I'm glad I am not the only one that wondered that question, except I never wondered about tea or soy milk.

    I don't like Wine, or tea, or soy milk.

    If Jesus showed up at my wedding, maybe he could make Kool-Aid or something.

  • Amirul
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    because at his time, wine is the most wanted drink instead of soy milk and green tea.

  • Anonymous
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    He was at a wedding. Would you go to a wedding if they were serving only soy milk or green tea? Talk about boring...

  • NJ
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    Wine is healthy for you as long as your consumption is not


    I've tried both soy milk and green tea, it wasn't for me.

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    Soy milk isnt healty. It is a toxic byproduct of bean curd and has direct links to breast cancer.

    Wine is healthy, its full of antioxidants. Thats why the italians live so long.

    And both soy milk and green tea taste awful.

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