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Hi Allan,

Kindly confirm receipt of the attached billing (EDIXOT08-00003 & 02) representing your van charges from Apr-Jun ’08 for both UNION CAPITAL and UNITED UNIVERSAL PARTNERSHIP.

Thank you and for any concern regarding the attached billings, please feel free to send us e-mail.

Regards, Manuel Victorio Integrated Solutions Technology


Hi Finance,

About the Invoice No EDIXOT08-00002 ...

Please notice that Invoice number has Duplicate .

Duplicate information such as attachments.


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    Hi Finance,

    Please see an attachment about a Duplicate Invoice and the number is No EDIXOT08-00002. If there are unclear I made or anything else you noticed. Please let me know, thanks.

    Best Regards


    2008-07-11 16:21:33 補充:


    2008-07-11 16:28:46 補充:

    Oh...可以去書局買一本 或上網到博客來找找看

    原文的 不過很簡單 自己讀就可以的


    Cambridge Universtity press 的

    Company to Company

    A communicative approach to business correspondence in English.

  • 呆子
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    1 decade ago

    Hi Finance,

    regarding to the Invoice No EDIXOT08-00002 ...,

    it has been Duplicated .

    for more information ,Please refer to the following attachments.*****

  • 1 decade ago

    Hi, Finance

    The invoice number EDIXOT08-00002 is a duplicate invoice.

    Please see the attachments. Should you have any question, don't

    hesitate to contact with me. Thank you very much.



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