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急有人知道美國褓母管家工讀「美國就業證照課程計畫 赴美就業

急急急 !!有人知道 妙智力國際有限公司,美商中美教育集團是美國聯邦政府國務院授權M1專案機構、美國職業培訓局授權審核的推廣機構。「美國就業證照課程計畫」,目的是為了讓國人取得美國專業證照,赴美就業。美國褓母管家工讀 有人有親身經驗 或親朋好友去過嗎?

急急急!!! 謝謝各位大大

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    移民局官方網站, 共有一百多頁,你參考看第91頁有對M1說明


    Work Authorization

    Employment other than for practical training is not authorized.

    Practical training may be authorized only after completion of the course of study and if approved by USCIS.

    Proposed employment must be for practical training related to the student’s

    course of study, and designated school official must determine that comparable employment is not available in student’s country of residence. One month of practical training may be authorized for every 4 months of full-time study

    completed, with a maximum of 6 months total for practical training.

    M-1 border commuter students are not authorized to accept anyemployment for practical training.

    Initial Length of Stay

    necessary to complete course of study indicated on Form I-20, plus practical Training following completion of course of study,

    plus an additional 30 days to depart the United States,

    but NTE a total period of 1 year An M-1 border commuter student is not entitled to

    the additional 30-day period of s

    Extension of Stay

    Cumulative extensions limited to 3 years from start date,

    plus 30 days

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