Recommend a book of the bible?

I've actually just began reading the bible. A friend of mine said to read proverbs, and let me tell ya, it changed me, there is so much wisdom in that book. I was wondering if someone could recommend another book? maybe something with alot of wisdom, something meaningful? like our purpose?

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    Your friend made an excellent recommendation. Proverbs is great.

    However, you should read it from begining to end, at least once. It will take at least a year to read it that way.

    Read Matthew, Mark, Luke and John to start with in the New Testament. Then start reading from Genesis, onward.

    Explore different parts of the Bible. Hey, and don't forget to include God in this (its His Book you know). He might have a specific part for you to read that applies to you. Pray before opening the Bible and ask Him to show you something He thinks you need to know. Then open the Bible and start reading the first thing your eyes go to. I've gotten so much direction in my life from doing that its awesome.

    I recommend a Bible study ministry. Here an excellent one online:

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    Read the book of Wisdom, the Psalms, the Song of Songs, and the book of Sirach, if of course you have the Holy Bible. The King James version don't have some of these books and they're very important. You can read them over and over for they teach a lot of wisdom and peace, they'll give a great deal of what you want to learn and be with.

    Take care.

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    You're more right than you realize.

    Proverbs is among a short list of what has come to be known as the WISDOM books; the others being Job, Psalms, Ecclesiastes and Song of Songs (sometimes called Song of Solomon).

    Job is my personal favorite among the Wisdom books as Job gets a harsh lesson in reality and what it means to endure for the sake of God.

    From there, DEFINITELY move on to the Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John), then hit Acts and Romans - maybe 1st and 2nd Corinthians as well. <")))><

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    I would like to recommend that you read the Gospels. Start with the Book of John.

    If you read three to five chapters a day from the Bible you would have read the entire Bible in a year.

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    I would recommend Book of Psalms from the Old Testament, and even check out Psalms 51 for when you want to seek forgiveness for something.

    As for the New Testament, Whew, I cannot pick one. Matthew, Luke, & Mark is good as far as learning about Jesus being here on earth as human.

    If you want to compare notes on what inspired you in the Bible, and know what inspires me, feel free to look me up!

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    If you enjoyed Proverbs, try the Psalms.

    If you have a Bible with cross-references, it would make it better, since it would link some of the Psalms to the events of the writers, like David, lives.

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    Psalms is the best! I liked Revelations, but it is mysterious... So, it will not solve your life purpose! Here is something interesting I heard : Deuteronomy 4:2 not to add to or remove Bible scripture from the Bible!

    One interesting thing that I learned from those Catholic classes:Do you know that Protestants have removed part of their Bibles?! Yikes!

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    I've read the entire Bible and let me encourage you through Numbers and Leviticus. There is a lot of information there but it can be hard. I agree with you on Proverbs. I have different favorites at different times for different needs. I go to Psalms for comfort. I go to Revelation to keep me in line. I go to Matt., Mark, Luke and John to feel their closeness to Him. Song of Solomon is a love story. For inspiration through the hard times I recommend Job. He had everything, he lost everything and God restored everything to him.

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    Wisdom is a really good book, I like it a lot. It was one of the books Martin Luther decided to threw out of the Bible, because it contradicted his beliefs. Catholics and Orthodox still maintain it though.

  • There are so many, try the books of Job. Judith and Esther. And then the Book of Psalms the 23rd, and The Cantlies of Cantlies I don't remember the number of this one but It's beautiful. God Bless you.

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