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What do i need to work on to play PF or C?

I want to know what do i need to work on and what things do i have to be really good at

what types of work outs and exercises should i do

what kind of plays are really good?

what types of shoes should i wear?

Anything that you know about playing the PF or C position just plz tell me

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    hahaha, i remember it like it was yesterday. freshman varsity tryouts. i cam in 6'5 148 pounds. that year sucked for me, i made the team but every game i remember asking the coach " can i play guard now" of course my team is a small team our center only being 6'8 that year. i got pushed and knocked and manhandled in practice and in games but i pushed through with hard work..... and icy hot and managed to score 11 points a game of the bench at pf my frshman year. now here i am a senior 6'6 190 pounds strong and able to score. my advice is just practice, practice, and more practice lift weights till ur numb shoot a lot get comfortable with getting elbowed in the mouth and nose atleast 10 times a practice and double that in games. pf and center are the toughest positons to play and not always fun. just so u know

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    1. Have to work on post up

    2. Try to bulk up urself as much as possible, guys like Shaq/Dwight or other(big guys that are powerful) can use their power to back down their defender.

    3. If you can't bulk up urself up, try to work on ur shots and fade aways (not layups).

    4. Shoes, I think nike air max works best for me (cause i can dunk with those shoes)

    5. This might sound mean, but try to some of that Karl Malone/Sheed type of game, cheap shots (that can get ur oppenents angry without the ref noticing) and talks trash when u did somethin positive

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    The post position is all about determination and motivation. You have to be willing to get hurt, to play dirty, and to do the dirty work. The post involves being punched in the ribs, pinched, your jersey pulled, and having a fat guy's sweaty body rub against you. Still sound appealing?

    Well, you need to work on your stamina. Drills like the Mikan Drill and playing volleyball help you stay on your toes.

    You need to be strong, so lift weights, run, and I recommend yoga to become more flexible.

    Work on your defense and rebounding. Drills can be found all over the internet.

    Work on extending your outside jumpshot, about mid-range. Coaches love big men who can shoot. It stretches defenses.

    No special shoes. This isn't Like Mike.

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