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still tired after 11hrs of sleep?

hey guys my just a little worried about my friend she said she always feels tired even after having 11hrs of sleep i am getting worried and so is she, she said she went to the doctors and had tests done and all have come back clear so i dont know whats wrong :S i thought she might have been anemic but she said she is only 24 and should be full of energy but i have no idea whats wrong with her and i am getting really worried about it plz help

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    There is such thing as getting too much sleep. I know if I sleep more than 10 hours, I am still tired.

    Also, does she actually sleep the full 11 hours? I can be in bed for 9 hours, but toss and turn for 5 hours off and on. Getting up to go to the bathroom, and have troubles getting back to sleep. When I am troubled with a problem, I have a difficult time in putting my mind to sleep, so I can stop thinking about the problem and get sleep.

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    When you say that she went to the doctor, do you just mean medical doctor or has she seen a therapist? Because chances are she is depressed.

    Depression makes you want to sleep all the time and no amount is ever enough. (Been there done that)

    If that is the case she should definitely get some help. Even something like group therapy and/or low doses of medication can help.

    If it's not something like that, then have her go to another medical doctor and see what they can find out. No 24 year old can be perfectly healthy physically and mentally and still be tired after 11 hours of sleep.

    You know, side thoughts: Does her bed suck or is there a lot of noise when she is trying to sleep? Unsound sleep, no matter how many hours you have still leave you wanting more.

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    She could have low thyroid. I was just diagnosed a year ago. I was sleeping about 10 hours a night, still waking up tired, and taking naps if I got the chance. I went to the doctor, was diagnosed as low thyroid (which is very common), and went on Armour thyroid. It changed my life! I had a project at school a couple of months later (I'm 44, not a student), and I was able to stay up most nights for about a month, averaging only 5 or so hours a night of sleep. I felt great! Have her check her thyroid. If she can't get to a doctor, a couple of quick easy tests are your pulse and temperature. Take your pulse the first thing in the morning, before you even move around any. If it is low, mine was only 53, then you MIGHT be low thyroid. Also, if you take your temperature, when you are resting and not overheated or anything, and it is low, mine was 97 degrees, you might be low thyroid. Check it out!

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    NO way. She is OVER sleeping way too much! I bet if she cuts her sleep down to 8 solid hours then she will feel more normal. Also she needs some sunshine. I know people are anti-sun, but it actually provides a natural vitamin K that women need in order to feel good.

    Cut down the sleep time and sit in the sun.

    I do best with my schedule. I get 7 hours or less of sleep and I take a nap in the afternoon with my kids. It seems to perk me up when I get an afternoon nap as opposed to a long solid sleep. But everyone is different.

    Oversleeping and not getting enough nutrients/vitamins and sunshine can make anybody feel depressed and tired all the time.

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    Chronic fatigue syndrome may be a possibility since her lab tests have came back normal. Another possibility would be a subclinical hypothyroid condition. This requires a different kind of test than the standard TSH which may come back normal. Please keep following up with the doctor if this does not improve. Sometimes, a hormonal imbalance can cause this especially at mid-cycle and right before the onset of the menses. Good Luck!

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    Too much and too little sleep will mess up your internal clock. You need to find out how much is enough, use an alarm clock or something. I think 7 or 8 hours is average.

    Sometimes I find the less I sleep, the easier it is for me to get up.

    ***that is also a side effect of depression!!***

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    May sound funny but exercises may help! I used to be like that and then I got my dog and I take him for brisk fast walks at least two times a day and stay active.

    So exercise and healthier foods are my advice.

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    I am tired after 12 hours of sleep and at least 10 years younger than her, Idk why though because I am a deep sleeper. I think I might see a doctor.

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    She needs a really thorough medical. There is probably something medically wrong, whether it be hormonal, or psychological. She is lucky to have you for a friend

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