hi..i'd like 2 know any rehab center for health care in france ??please..it's verry important?

actually,my dad is getting treatment in france..he has adesease called "Vaskolytus"..it's adesease in muscles..anyway,i'd like to know rehab center to be able 2 improve his health..& according 2 his heart,he has 30%ejection fiction..plzzzz help me f u can

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    1 decade ago
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    I know a very good rehad center in France. I don't know if it would be suitable for your father though. Just give them a ring or drop them an email.

    It's called: Les Thermes Saint-Gervais les Bains. It's located in the French Alps, approximately one hour drive from Geneva.

    Just google Les Thermes Saint-Gervais les Bains and you should find all the details you need.

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