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How do deaf people know when their baby crying throughout the night?

I know that they have special doorbells that make their lights flash and bed vibrate.... but you can't have a special baby they makes your lights flash!!!

So, how do they wake up for the every-two-hour-feedings?

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    Baby Monitors light up when the baby cries or makes a sound.

    Besides that, (even without a baby monitor) It's all nature; nature takes its course.

    A deaf Mother is more in tuned with her other senses, that's when their Motherly Instinct is at its best.

    A deaf Mother won't just depend on 'electronics' or 'devices' to stay in tuned to her baby, a Mother can sense when her baby is crying and needs her, that's what 'Motherly Instinct' is all about.

    I know for a fact when my son was little, my breasts would leak when he would cry. It was my body telling me that my baby was hungry or needed me for comfort.

    This lady told me a story once:

    She told me about a deaf Mother and Father who had a baby who had all of his senses, she said that baby learned (quick!) that the Parents were deaf, and instead of crying, the baby would move and use body language to communicate with his parents.

    It's amazing how God takes care of EVERY detail, he makes a Mother aware of her young, and a baby aware of its Mother to where no 'modern technology' is needed.

    A Mother can sense (in an instant!) when her baby needs her ..

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    they have all sorts of fun devices. I would guess that they would have a baby monitor with either a really obnoxious flashing light, or something that vibrates the bed or pillow to wake them up. I have also heard of "hearing dogs" who are trained to alert the owner that the baby is crying. there is also the idea of a hearing spouse or older child.

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    They have monitors that are made to go off (flash the lights ) when the baby cries. Some also have dogs that alert them to a crying baby.

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    Likely by co-sleeping. I am not deaf but... when I co-slept with my niece I would feel her shift before she even woke up, and I knew by her signals that it was about feeding time. I would get her bottle and have her eating before she ever made a noise.

    I am sure there are also ways to set up the room for the lights to go on when a monitor picks up a cry but I have no experience in that.

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    Re not 2 but 4 hour feedings, there are alarm clocks that make the bed and your pillow shake. There are also noise sensitive vibrators that would alarm them to the fact that their baby was crying.

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    The baby monitor flashes light. When you are deaf you become very aware of signals like that.

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    People Have Baby

  • Some have dogs that are specially trained that will let the deaf person know that the baby is crying.

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    baby monitor with special features to make lights go on and of or stuff like that

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    I bet they have baby monitors that make lights flash and I am sure they train themselves to notice it.

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