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I have a few questions about the dispute over Israel?

When Israel declared itself an independent nation, its neighbors in the Middle East reacted militarily. Why?

What was the United Nations’ plan for establishing a Jewish state in the Middle East? Why was this plan never completed?

What do you think could have been done differently to prevent the problems that occurred and have lasted to the present day?

Do you think there is anything that can be done today to fix the problem?

Thanks for your help. =)

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    "When Israel declared itself an independent nation, its neighbors in the Middle East reacted militarily. Why?"

    ▬ Actually fighting between Arab and Zionist militias was going on even before the partition. Arabs armies invaded b/c they maintained it was their land and Zionists were trying to steal it.

    Before the mass Jewish immigration Jewish population was less than 5%, in contrast to 15% Christian Arabs, and rest mainly Muslims. Before the partition Jews only owned 8% of the land. Under the UN plan Palestine would be split into two states, Jews were given 56% of the land.

    Which infuriated Arabs, they were out raged & five Arab countries attacked Israel. Israel not only defends but takes over even more land. Arabs are defeated but Egyptians manage to take over Gaza, and Jordanians annex West Bank & East Jerusalem.

    Arabs maintained it is their land and would not accept any Israeli control, Jews maintained the land was promised to Jews by God. So it belongs to them.

    Two sides would go to war again in 1967 and Israel would also take over East Jerusalem, West Bank and Gaza.

    "What was the United Nations’ plan for establishing a Jewish state in the Middle East? Why was this plan never completed?"

    ▬ UN had no understanding of the seriousness of the situation, UN was newly formed, however after zionist lobbying in Congress, Trumen pressured countries into passing the legislation in the favor of Israel. Country would be split into two but it would have dire consequences. Former colonial power Britain had warned that if it goes ahead their will be constant fighting.

    Israel saw that as a chance to expand, they were happy to get their feet in and finally through militarily they would finally unite 'Eretz Israel' - biblical boundaries.

    So plan was completed but Arabs were out raged as they felt betrayed that there land was unfairly and immorally stolen.

    "What do you think could have been done differently to prevent the problems that occurred and have lasted to the present day? "

    ▬ Nothing, Arabs were simply unwilling to concede their land, they were the original inhabitants for them no one had the right to steal any land from them.

    Zionists/Jews were given other options eg Uganda but refused that they would only accept Palestine BUT the problem was it was already inhabited.

    "Do you think there is anything that can be done today to fix the problem?"

    ▬ Doubt it! For Israel the dream always was Eretz Israel, meaning full control over Palestine. Under the international law Israel is illegally occupying West Bank and Gaza. Israel has built illegal Jewish only settlements on the occupied territories, in direct violation of the international law.

    The current plan is two state solution, which now practically is no longer possible. The land that is suppose to go to Palestinians is now occupied by Israel and their is hardly any land left to give it to Palestinians. Also Israel is unwilling to concede East Jerusalem point blank.

    So it is highly unlikely there would be any peace deal any time soon. Israel had no right to take over any land in the first place. To me it is simple same as somebody taking over my country, expelling me & declare it belongs to the. It is completely unacceptable.

    Of course this is very simplified version of the events, it is a lot more complicated. However underlying cause is 'who controls the land'.

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    Israel was created by Jewish refugees who basically moved, as part of a mass exodus (understandibly), into lands where the Arabs were a majority and which they felt that they were entitled to, the creation of Israel would have involved the the dispossession and/or subordination of Arabs who'd lived their longer by a former minority that was pumped up by the influx of European refugees. So when Britain pulled out after a campaign of Jewish guerrila (terrorist?) groups and the UN proposed that half of mandate Palestine become a Jewish state The Palestinian Arab residents esisted and were supportedin 1948 by an invasion by neighbouring Arab armies to destroy Israel. The war basically destroyed the UN plan because Israel ended up with more land than was originally granted and Jordanian and Egyptian armies occupied the rest, which was then occupied by Israel in 1967.

    The original 1947 plan is given by this map,

    and contrasted to how it ended up by the 1949 armistice here;

    Its hard to know what could have been done differently, the whole thing was a mess, caused layer upon layer of injustice sthat had piled on top of each other through the centuries. The Palestinians naturally felt that all the land was theirs,but the Jews were entitled to a state after all they'd been through. Maybe if the Arabs had been given more than they were in the UN plan and, more importantly, if the international community, especially British, had moved in to enforce an agreed settlement more effectively and with a greater level of commitment things might have gone better.

    I actually think its more clear cut what needs to be done now than is made out, because the rights and wrongs are clearer now. Looking at the basic facts on the ground of who has what and is doing what to whom on a constant basis (as opposed to isolated, if shocking, individual actions like suicide bombings and the fundamentalist mentality of some Palestinians, clearly at least partly a consuequence of years misery) ; Israel is clearly 100% in the wrong at this stage; and any solution will actually inevitably still give Palestine less than it deserves.

    At the very least, Israel should withdraw all soldiers and all 400,000 settlers from the West Bank, including all of East Jerusalem, (and Golan Heights), allow a permanent, sovereign land link between the West Bank and Gaza, end all attacks and/or sanctions against Arab lands (e.g. Gaza), recognise a Palestinian state and provide substantial compensation for the Palestinian refugees for the land that was taken from them and for the last 60+ years. That's what should happen, it won't of course, but its the least the Palestinians deserve.

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    Your first and second questions sort of overlap.

    The UN plan for the creation of a Jewish state was rejected by the Arab nations in the area. The reason for that rejection was the same as the reason they attacked Israel when it declared its independence: they didn't feel that arab territory should be given to the Jews.

    Originally the UN plan called for Palestine to be divided fairly evenly between the Palestinians and the Jews. After rejecting that proposal and opting instead to destroy the Jewish settlers in the region the palestinians came away with nothing at all.

    I'm not sure what could have been done differently that would have prevented the troubles that the Middle East experiences.

    As for fixing the problem now? Who knows? At this point probably nothing can be done.

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    The State of Israel was founded in 1948 by illegal jewish immigrants from Europe who formed terrorist gangs and attacked the British administration and the local christians and muslims.

    The British left in 1948 and the UN partitioned Palestine without the consent of the christians and muslims in the worst decision it ever made.

    The terrorists then formed the first government of Israel taking over more land and ejecting the local population and have been terrorising the christians and muslims ever since.

    This is why they are so hated in the region.

    There will not be peace in the Middle East until the Palestinians get back their land.

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  • Rob
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    1. Because their Arab neighbors were out of their land.

    2. not sure if their was a plan

    3. Israel should have never became a state. You just can't take some one Else's land and think their wouldn't be a problem. Since the Palestine's did not have a powerful country taking their land was easy, it was part of a British colony before the war broke out.

    Their needs to be a independent Palestinian state inside of Israel is the only solution.

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    the arab states rejected the UN partition plan, hence military invasion.

    the plan was for a two state system, israel to have slightly over half the land, palestine the rest, known as 1947 borders. the plan was never completed because as soon as it was implemented on paper israel and its neighbours went to war. israel took more land than was allocated to it, and her neighbours took over what was left as part of their own countries, so the plan never really took hold.

    before the state of israel was declared, serious efforts at concilliation could have taken place, the palestinian arabs mollified. the british could have faced up to their responsibilities a bit more, made the peacekeeping force more active, prevented by threat of force incursions by foregin arab armies, while guaranteeing that the israeli's did not take more land than was allocated to them. the rest of the international community, the usa in particular should have taken an active role on the ground as well.

    today, the issue of islamic fundamentalism needs to be removed from the equation. the palestinians need to get over that phase of their political history. secularism from the arabs, combined with moderation by israel could produce peace. israel will have to withdraw fully to 1967 borders, and make efforts to compromise, making the map look a little more like the UN intended in 1947. only then will there be peace in the middle east.

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    one million. Palestine is a tribe that lived in that land for a fairly very long time at the side of the Jews. Israel is new, because Jacob=Israel two.The warfare over land, because the state of Israel used to be situated on Palestinian territory after the sector warfare two three. Opinions : Arabs there are simply protecting their properties and households they should not be dealt with as terrorists on account that they accomplish that. four.God made a promise that he's going to deliver the land to Abraham and to his seed, now Abraham's seed are the Jews (Isaac) and the Arabs (Ishmael), God desired for us to are living TOGETHER peacefully, that used to be fulfilled in Arab ruling (see earlier than the crusades and after the crusades, additionally on the Holocaust how Arabs dealt with the Jews), but what we name now Zionism is taken over, which incidentally is hostile by way of Jews, Jews suppose they must steer clear of that land till the Messiah comes. (Orthodox jews)

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    To fix the problem, make the 2 sides West Bank/Gaza and Israel economically dependent on each other.

    Water can do that.

    In southern Israel, build lots of thermal solar power plants.

    In Gaza, build large water pipelines and pumping stations. Lay the pipe across Gaza, across southern Israel over to the West Bank. Pump Mediterranean. Sea water to the West Bank (Pump electricity supplied by Israel). Use Israel's electricity in the West Bank to convert the sea water to fresh water good for farm irrigation. The West Bank keeps 1/3 of the water. Pump 1/3 back to Israel (to pay for the electricity) and the last 1/3 to Gaza to pay for the pumping.

    The best way to keep a man from fighting is to sit him down. The best place to sit a man is at the dinner table.

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    The United Nations created Israel. Each participant in the fight thinks they should own the land. They keep fighting over who owns which part. I doubt that there is anything that can be done in our lifetime to make it stop. Each side thinks they are the ones who are right.

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    First, Ishmael was the first born of Abraham, but he got sent out without any inheritance. Then Isaac got it all. Then Isaac had two sons, and Jacob used deceit to get Esau's rightful inheritance. Jacob fathered the Isrealites. Ishmael fathered most of the Arab nationalities, and Esau fathered most of the rest. Bitterness point number one.

    When Moses took the Israelites up into Palestine they had to fight to get there. Then Joshua pretty much crushed about everybody once they were there. Bitterness point number two.

    Most of the middle east is decended either from the Isrealites, or people that were crushed by them thousands of years ago. That has sort of bothered them.

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