Best bank [for student], does Wells Fargo have fees? and are there fees to close a bank account?

I recently got an account w/ Wells Fargo [they kinda pressured me into it and I fail at rejection]. Not sure if I should close down the account later. I was planning on opening up one with WaMu. Which bank is the best? Is there a fee to close down an account? Should I just stick with Wells Fargo? I heard WaMu is bigger and has more atm's. What bank has the most and best benefits for having an account there?


I'm a new college student. Don't really have a job just some money from savings. Do plan to get a job soon.

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    the college account with WF is pretty nice (although I don't know what other banks are offering). You get online banking and Bill Pay for free, you can have your statements emailed to you instead of mailed (good if you are going to be moving often, you don't have to worry about other people finding your statements when you move) the account is free, and the savings account is free. They also offer pretty good rates n student loans and a student credit card if you have the checking with them.

    There is no fee to close it if you call the customer service line instead of going to a branch. Often if you go to a branch and close it in less than 6 months there is a fee. But calling is free (if you call the account has to be at a zero balance with no outstanding items i.e. checks or purchases with your debit card)

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    There should not be a fee to close your account. Although if you close the account and then a check is presented for payment or you have automatic debits (health club, cell phone etc..) It will show up like a bounced check and the fees can add up quick. Notify any automatic withdrawl companies in writing so you have a record of when you told them to stop debiting your account.

    As for best bank, think about how and where you will need access. Whose ATM's are on or near campus, do they have online banking (a great tool btw). There are plenty of banks that offer no-fee checking accounts. Commerce, WaMu, BOA all seem good. There are also online banks (IngDirect) that offer higher interest rates, but are a little more difficult to work with. (depositing money or cashing checks from home can be a hassle if you don't have a couple days to wait.)

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    All banks have fees of some time. You need to reseach to see what fits your style the best. From my personal experience, Wells Fargo is a very high pressure outfit.

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