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United States "A Nation Of Whiners" In A "Mental Recession"? Do You Think Crime will GO UP %1000 PERCENT IF

United States "a nation of whiners" in a "mental recession"? Do You Think Crime will GO UP %1000 PERCENT IF Mccain WINS & WE CONTINUE The Path..TO RECESSION




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    Stop whining and get a job, your economy will improve dramatically.!!

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    The path to recession? You mean the path the the Clinton administration set us on?

    You won't need a job if Obama wins - he is just going to print more money and everything will be fine. So what if all the jobs are gone?

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    Quit whining already!

    Do you have any actual economic arguments supporting your assertion that McCain's policies are the path to recession? Or that Obama's are the path to a surging economy?

    Because that's not what the economists say (well, the ones whose ideas have been proven out by actual events, anyway).

    But, I'll let you lay out your detailed economic analysis regarding the effects of the policies and then we can argue their merits.

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    The problem with some folks is that they want an easy job with a starting salary around 60K and one that is 9 to 4 with several weeks vacation. Hello! Welcome to the REAL world. OR---just sit back, smoke pot, and have Uncle Sam take care of you and your kids from cradle to grave when Mr. Obama gets elected. Of course those of you who REALLY work will have to give about half of your salary to help pay for all that.

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    No, quite the opposite. When people get poor they get crazy and start stealing. This will happen if Obama gets in. There will be mass unemployement, long food and gas lines and fear of takeover by another power.He has said he will gut our military, leaving us exposed to attack.He has also said he will not drill for energy independance."Mental" recession is one thing-the real deal is something else!

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    Experience - Collection of events and/or activities from which an individual or group may gather knowledge, opinions, and skills.

    SENATOR Obama has NOT even completed his FIRST TERM in office !!!!!!

    Experience is VERY important when you are the "Manager" of a country the size of THE United States of America !!!

    Governors MANAGE ... SENATORS legislate !!!

    Governors have a hell of a lot more experience "managing" than ANY - JUNIOR - Senator.

    AND ... JUNIOR Senator Obama did NOT even finish his FIRST TERM in office !!!

    IF ... OBAMA was a WHITE man WITH the SAME LACK of Qualifications, HE would have been - L A U G H E D - out of the Nomination process in the BEGINNING !!!!

    I am for OUR America AND OUR Children's Future !!!!

    That is WHY ... WE ... NEED to make sure that EVERY American KNOWS about SENATE BILL S.2433

    OBAMA wants to END WORLD POVERTY on YOUR NICKEL AND SURRENDER THE United States to THE United Nations.

    Please, SEARCH the Actual Senate Bill Number - S.2433 !!!


    I am AGAINST the Socialist / Communist / Liberal ANTI-American - OBAMA !!!!

    Democrats generally believe in heavy fines for honest work, while rewarding sloth and indulgence.

    Do YOU think that people should be able to do absolutely nothing productive and get government hand-outs for sloth and indulgence - healthcare, tobacco, alcohol, drugs, STDs, etc. ??

    Do YOU want to have YOUR MONEY TAKEN from YOU and YOUR FAMILY to FINANCE these people ???


    I have NOTHING against helping the elderly and the young.

    I DO have a problem SUPPORTING the able-bodied people that do NOT want to get off of their butts and EARN an honest living - instead of "FEEDING" off of hard working citizens.

    AND they teach their children, and their children's children HOW to FEED off of government programs !!

    Just realize ... that those of us that ACTUALLY have to work for a living, are getting tired of PAYING for the Democrats idea of HELPING.

    Shouldn't MANDATORY Urine Tests be REQUIRED of people that are requesting "government handouts"?

    IF you are on LEGAL prescription drugs, then you will not have a problem proving it !!


    CHANGE is ALL that you will get back from the Socialist/Communist/Liberal Democrats, when they TAKE your hard earned paycheck from you to give it to able bodied people, "FEEDERS", who do NOT want to get off of their butts and actually get a job !! Our wonderful government hand-out programs !!

    Please, TRY to HOPE in one hand and SPIT in the other hand!

    Which one is filling up the fastest ??


    We need to make sure that the person that represents AMERICA is PRO-AMERICA !!!

    WE NEED to make sure that EVERY man, woman, and child, KNOW how ANTI-AMERICAN Obama and his Reverend(S) ARE !!!

    Would a CONTINUAL 20 years of "second hand smoke" have a negative affect on the other people in the area ??

    Would a CONTINUAL 20 years of "Anti-American Preachings" have a negative affect on the other people in the area ??

    John F. Kennedy, a Democrat, was sworn in as the 35th President of THE United States of America, at noon on January 20, 1961. In his inaugural address he spoke of the NEED for ALL Americans to be ACTIVE CITIZENS, famously saying, "Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country."

    Please NOTICE that it said DEMOCRAT - NOT Socialist and / or Communist Democrat !!

    It means this country is only as strong as the people in it. It means get off your a$$ and do something!!!


    The Democratic Elite make the rules and then they change them for their convenience !!

    The Elite Democrats feel like THEY know better than YOU who would be the best person to run the country !!!

    By the People and For the People !!!

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    Continue this path?

    -Obama supports the patriot act

    -Obama supports the real national id act

    -Obama voted multiple times to fund this illegal war

    -Obama will stay in iraq if elected (no less than 2 years)

    -Obama will expand governmet size and spending

    -Obama will decrease the value of the dollar

    BOTH candidates will continue on this path. There is no different between the two mainstreram parties untill you hit the minor detail of homosexual issues. And even there they share similarities.

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    He's talking about liberals.

    They're the ones always whining and believing in doom and gloom even when things are going great.

    I'm starting to believe liberalism really is a mental disorder. Maybe they can label it a disease and get free health-care for its treatment.

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    If we continue the path yes it always goes up when people have to do without and they see a fat cat with everything . There kids have to eat to you know

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    Congress is the branch of our government who controls the budget and makes laws, therefor has greater impact on our nation's economy. Not the Pres.

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