is Lolicon illegal in the united states?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    The answer, I'm afraid, is a resounding "maybe". The law is unclear.

    Congress passed an Internet pornography law a while back that banned the depiction of models who were adults who 'looked like' minors, or of fictitious or cartoon characters drawn to 'look like' minors, engaging in sex acts.

    The law, though, was REALLY badly written, and when it was challenged in court the Supreme Court struck it down as vague and unenforceable.

    Congress has not revisited the issue since, so there is currently not any 'specific' law banning Lolicon.

    However, even a cartoon story can be prosecuted as obscenity. If a Lolicon appears to show very young children engaged in sex acts, I doubt you'd have much trouble getting a US jury to decide it to be obscene.

    EDIT - Stuart is missing the point, I'm afraid. While the Supreme Court upheld Michael Williams conviction under the PROTECT act, they did so on the basis of some computer generated images "induistuinguishable from photographs of real children".

    They specifically noted in their opinion that "....virtual child pornography remained under the protection of the First Amendment, except when it was offered or solicited under the mistaken impression that actual children were depicted."

    Cartoons that are clearly not depictions of real children do not, therefore, fall under the PROTECT act - although as I noted they could still be found obscene in their own content.


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  • 5 years ago

    yeah as far as i know Lolicon was passed by the president sometime in the early 2008 s or something like that. my impression on Lolita s or little children have sex with adults is beyond ******* stupid and even still shouldn t be allowed period on the internet. its immature, pedo s approved, and down right wrong in every word imagined by man or women alike. this is the best i can say, Lolicon was banned to prevent young girls in america from portraying what the see either in person or at the con itself. i for one voted against it in 2008 and i haven t once considered changing my vote that day.

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    • Zachary3 years agoReport

      Something even remotely big and based off morals, look at it from their perspective and think.... would it make things way worse

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  • 3 years ago

    However, even though lolicon is technically illegal in the United States, the supreme court has declared the law "unenforceable" because the law was not written with specific enough terms to actually arrest anyone for the possession, or creation of cartoon/animated characters. The distribution of said animated pornography is still illegal and one can be arrested for it. Yes, lolicon is illegal. BUT, no one is going to come get you because you have a shortcut to a stripping 5 year old anime character on your desktop.

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  • 5 years ago

    its good anime and u should shut the fuuck up

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  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    ******* pedo get a therapy

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    • being intelligent enough to know that fictional characters are not children doesn't make you a pedophile it makes you intelligent retard

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  • Stuart
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    1 decade ago

    According to , lolicon is illegal as it falls under the protect act recently signed by the president.


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