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RICA asked in Arts & HumanitiesHistory · 1 decade ago

What were the sources of conflict between the church and state in the Middle Ages?

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    There was one major source of conflict: power over people. This was played out over the centuries in the following events:

    1. The Investiture Controversy-11th century dispute between Henry IV, Holy Roman Emperor and Pope Gregory VII over who would control appointments of church officials (investiture).

    2. Magna Carta-It required the King to renounce certain rights, respect certain legal procedures and accept that his will could be bound by the law. It explicitly protected certain rights of the King's subjects, whether free or fettered — most notably the writ of habeas corpus, allowing appeal against unlawful imprisonment.

    3. The Papal Controversy between King Philip the Fair of France and Pope Boniface VIII. Pope Boniface VIII put forward some of the strongest claims to temporal as well as spiritual supremacy of any Pope and intervened incessantly in foreign affairs. He proclaimed that it "is necessary for salvation that every living creature be under submission to the Roman pontiff."

    4. The conflict between King Henry II of England and Thomas a Beckett Archbishop of Canterbury over who had authority over clergy.

    5. The Guelph/Ghibellene Controversy over the authority of the Pope and the Holy Roman Empire in the 12th and 13th centuries in Italy.

    6. The Crusades

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  • Rob
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    1 decade ago

    control over the people. the kings wanted to control their area's but they had to work with the Church. The Church was the supreme power of the Middle ages.

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  • Naz F
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    1 decade ago

    Main power struggle was over investiture, or appointment of bishops. BOth church and state claimed power over this.

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