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Books like Valley of the Dolls?

Almost finished reading Valley of the Dolls, any other books like that that are good? Not really interested in reading any other of her books..

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    Jackie Collins:

    Hollywood Wives

    Married Lovers

    Drop Dead Beautiful


    Dangerous Kiss

    Lady Boss

    Lethal Seduction

    Lovers And Players



    The Stud

    Lovers and Gamblers.....many more

    Harold Robbins:

    The Carpetbaggers

    A Stone For Danny Fisher

    Heat of Passion

    Never Enough

    Sin City

    The Secret


    The Stallion

    Never Leave Me......many more

    Erica Jong:

    Fear of Flying

    Any Woman's Blues

    A Novel of Obession

    How to Save Your Own Life

    Parachutes and Kisses

    Sappho's Leap

    Fruits and Vegetables

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    Dolls used to be an excessively truly slang time period for tranquilizers on the time, that have been very handy to get a prescription for. The so much natural used to be valium, immortalized through the Rolling Stones in 'Mother's Little Helper'-- And despite the fact that she's no longer quite unwell There's just a little yellow tablet She is going strolling for the refuge of her mom's little helper It used to be passed out virtually like sweet at one time considering the fact that no one inspiration it used to be addictive. Everybody on the time knew what the little yellow tablet used to be, and most commonly knew anybody taking it. I had a female friend that bought it from the college well being middle for 'pressure'. It might be lethal combined with ample alcohol, and it WAS addictive.

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    Try Judith Krantz:

    ***Scruples (1978) (Still a great read after 30 years!)

    Scruples Two (1992)

    Lovers (1994)

    Princess Daisy (1980)

    Mistral's Daughter (1982)

    Till We Meet Again (1986)

    I'll Take Manhattan (1986)

    Dazzle (1990)

    Spring Collection (1996)

    The Jewels of Tessa Kent (1998)

    Also try Barbara Taylor Bradford, starting with "A Woman of Substance"

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    the ***** goddess rules

    A million little pieces

    Dandy in the underworld

    go ask alice

    Smashed - growing up drunk

    A certain age


    I loved valley of the dolls and really loved these books also... check them out! hope this helps xx

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