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south carol!na?!?!?!?

What is it like in Charleston, South Carolina?

the weather?

the gas, food and living prices?

is it a good place for a vet. assistant career?

is it a good place for a family to grow up?

thank you for all of your help:D!

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    South Carolina is a great place to live. Gas prices here right now range at about $3.50 to $390.Fortunately, most things in South Carolina to see are very near each other.

    You can be anywhere in the state in less than 2-3 hours.

    We have everything. Beaches, lakes, mountains, water parks, historic sites, plantations, battleships, racetracks, shopping, a multitude of restaurants, golf courses, (adult or miniature) and festivals.

    Trying to keep to a budget can be stressful. Most of South Carolina's historic sites are inexpensive to see (but well worth the trip). From Rainbow Row & the Battery in downtown Charleston, to the U.S.S. Yorktown (retired aircraft carrier) & Fort's Moultrie & Sumter in the Harbor. From Beaufort, (shrimpboats & Gullah traditions) to Edisto Island, Isle of Palms & Sullivan's Island (small uncrowded beaches) to Boone Hall Plantation in Mt. Pleasent (Many movie's have been shot here) to Brook Green Gardens (beautiful flowers & sculptures). Myrtle Beach is a legend;.. Water parks, Ripleys Aquarium, Nascar Cafe, Planet Hollywood, Hard Rock Cafe(in the shape of a pyramid-(you can go in & look around without eating- *food is pricey)...They opened a Hard Rock Theme Park there in June also)..Alligator Adventure & the boardwalk at Barefoot Landing, House of Blues, Dolly Parton's Dixie Stampede (full course dinner plus a live cowboy/indian old west show while you eat)..Lots of bars, including the Bowery on Ocean Blvd, where country group Alabama got their start.

    Darlington Raceway & Darlington Dragstrip are just 70 miles from the beach and the big boys of Nascar race there every May, Mother's Day weekend usually.

    Columbia (state capital) still has cannon balls lodged in the state house that can be seen from the street. A huge zoo & botanical garden. The mountain region has water falls, hiking, canoeing, old west themed parks/towns. Glorious scenery & even snow skiing in some places.

    Various festivals happen around the state at different times of the year.(Most are in May & June). Flowertown festival (Summerville) is beautiful. Grits festival (St. George) is all about the grits..Hell Hole Swamp festival (Jamestown) is about old time moon shine runners..Catfish festival (St. Stephens)...The Shrimp Festival (McClellanville)...The Okra festival (Irmo) is believe it or not a festival dedicated to ..OKRA...

    Weather in the summer is warm & can be we are in a drought right now...other than a few pop up thunderstorms, we aren't getting much rain. It is usually cool in the mornings and late at night, but day time temps. are in the mid 90's right now. Winter is mild on the coast yet we get snow up in the mountains. Unfortunately we do have hurricane season here, but we have been very blessed that it to has been mild in recent years.

    As far as a place to stay...There are plenty of clean, nice, budget friendly hotels. There are also hotels that have indoor water parks & bowling alleys right in the lobby. Most of the areas & campgrounds around the beaches either rent houses or rv's. Try our South Carolina State Parks...a few tents & sleeping bags or an air mattress or sites are inexpensive. (Fully equipped Cabins are also available at some locations)...Bathhouses with warm showers are at every location & the parks are usually not crowded & within a short driving distance to most attractions. They are patrolled by Rangers & secured at night with a gated combination lock for the guest security and convinence.

    Koa campgrounds are similiar in prices, but don't have the activities or offer hiking, fishing, waterfalls, beaches, etc...the way the State Parks do.

    Most of our state forest also have inexpensive campgrounds, that are very well managed, but a bit off the beaten path.

    Housing & the cost of living are good here. Chain stores such as Walmart help with that because they buy products and produce locally.

    We also have a Marine base (Parris Island) Army Post (Ft. Jackson), Air Force Bases(Shaw & Charleston) and the Naval Station near Bushy Park.

    Business is booming and we are growing, but at the same time, not forgetting our manners, hospitality or that slower pace of life.

    Pets are a large part of most families here and good vets are always needed. As for growing up here, it's good. There are all sorts of sports clubs, boy scouts, ballet, tap, horseback riding, swimming, biking, little league, hockey, etc....

    Kids won't be bored!

    There are a few colleges right in and around the surrounding areas and even a culinary school. We also have our own hockey and baseball teams. There is also a center of preforming Arts and the North Charleston Coliseum has concerts and special events all the time.

    Hope this helped!

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    Not much to add after Carolina Girl :) Weather; Hot and Humid, depending on where you are coming from. I deal with people everday from other parts of the country and most of them say it's unlike anything they've ever felt; mostly the humidity. Gas has been below the National avg. around $3.93 now. Great for families although the coastal area/downtown is pricey so it helps to be well-off $ But there are plenty of good areas. Livng prices are highest in the state and housing is comparable to Atlanta. Best school district is in the suburb of Summerville( 30 min from Chas) More diverse than alot of people may think since there is a large northern and African-American popualtion.

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    to be honest i never got to charleston South Carolina but if it any thing like Georgia and Savannah it will be relaxed and chilled nice weather and real friendly people

    check out source to get some more information

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