I want increase my pennis size and medicine or oil?

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i want medicine or oil
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Hi my friend,
To begin with, its very essential to understand the idea which is behind that request. It needs to be emphasised that neither a sexual pleasure nor your partner satisfaction necessarily depends on the penile size.
Secondly, I highly recommend you not to accept the words of any advertisement. The urology text books strongly believe that there is no oil, cream , tablet or exercises apart from plastic surgery to improve the penis size. Therefore, be cautious not to be cheated!!!


I am a Medical Doctor
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  • CoolDude answered 6 years ago
    Sure, kid. I have these magic beans here that I'll be happy to sell you that no one else in the world knows about....

    You don't have any control over the eventual size of your penis. That's all determined by your genes. All the Internet ads for growing a giant penis are scams. Some drugs, like Viagra, might make it harder than normal, but the actual size is the same. I'm sure yours will work just fine when the time comes.
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  • Ixi answered 6 years ago
    Well I guess Viagra would work idk but on the news it said eating watermelon increases size.
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  • jamuku M answered 6 years ago
    Hello friend,
    Pls make one visit to the blog at


    You will get some informations and advises there
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  • Matty answered 6 years ago
    Work on getting something going for your life. It'll yield more than focusing on making your stuff bigger, since none of that works.


    You're probably fine lengthwise anyway.
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  • Dr. Charlie Love answered 6 years ago
    To increase the erection size, the best thing I found were some exercises on http://www.mistermanpower.net I've gained bout an inch in erection length in a couple of months, which is a realistic gain. I'm continuing the exercises and I'm still seeing results.


    This same guy wrote an interesting blog about what works and what doesn't:

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