Revolving Beds/Partners on B&B?

Is it just me, or did anyone notice that on July 9th where everyone at the pool party, had either been married to, slept with, or dated someone else? Eric has been with Brooke, Donna, and way back when, their mother Beth. Ridge has been with Brooke and Taylor. Nick, with Brooke, Taylor, and Bridget. It's as if they're playing musical beds. It's disgusting. I don't kow which couple is more disgusting, Nick and Bridget or Rick and Taylor. I mean, come on people, look elsewhere for love. There are a lot more men in LA than it is in the Forrester/Marone family. Even Ridge and Brooke are REALLY starting to get old. It's been 20 yrs and they still have yet to be married for a long? Ridge and Taylor were married longer than Ridge and Brooke's on again/off again relationship. And also, I do understand that Marcus is supposed to be Donna's son, but you'd think the writers would find a biracial actor and not a black one? Marcus' skin color is the same as mine, and I'm not biracial


Forgot about Thorne. He was with Brooke and Taylor also.

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    OMG are we on the same wave length.....I was even thinking about making a chart for "answers" to show this incestuous bunch of people, but you've pretty much nailed it. Talk about a corrupted gene pool, it's this crowd.

    The most sickening is Taylor and Rick...EWWWWWWWWW

    and this so-called son of Donna's and his soon to be romance with Stephie......EWWWWWWWWW

    I long for the days of Sally, Darla, Clark, et al.......for a half hour show, I find myself fast forwarding thru a big chunk of it.

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    I've been thinking about this for years. You also forgot to mention the fact that now KATIE wants to be with NICK. Now that's a disgusting thing, to lust after your sister's ex and your neice's fiance/ex husband. Wasn't Thorne with Brooke and Taylor too? They pass men around like party trays. Donna is just as bad, why would you It all started with Brooke and her trife ways. First, she chases Ridge for years, then she looses him to Taylor so she goes after his father and has two kids by him. On again and off again with Ridge, then Thorne at one point, then Nick, then Ridge, then

    This is crazy.

    And Marcus, his character is stupid. Devon from Y&R would have been more believable in this role because he appears to be biracial. Marcus doesn't look the part, and his acting skills are horrible. He makes the weirdest facial expressions when they go to commercial breaks. It's like he always has a surprised look in his eyes no matter what the emotion is supposed to really be.

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    good are correct, Marcus should be biracial.

    I think the only one who has not slept with everyone is Pam...

    STDs now being served at the pool

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    I was thinking the same darn thing while watching that episode!! Oh heck man, it's like some sick family tree with Eric as the root!!

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    Not Rex......cling on....possibly it would be. Oh you've got acquired me there! Go onnnn let us know who it's! I'm burdened when you consider that he is the one ginger there however he is not in any respect smug is he?

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