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Pokemond Diamond! 10 Points!?

I'm at Mt.Coronet, but where do I get the move to move those bolders?

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    strength is obtained from an old lady at the top of the lost tower (south of solaceon town), rockclimb is found near this hiker guy's house on route 217 in the blizzardy area leading to snowpoint city.

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    HM04 - Strength (Physical)





    Information: Outside of battle, this will allow you to move boulders. Inside of battle, nothing special as far as added effects go.

    Location:Top Floor of the Lost Tower

    Suggestion:Teach this to those who cannot learn TM27 and still need to learn a Normal move.

    Source(s): All Credits Go To: Platinum Sonic 10
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    the move is strength you could get by trade or somewger around the 3rd city

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    get a rock type pokemon and train it or earn a boulder smash move something for someone.

    hope i helped

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