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new fda approved tattoo ink?

so im looking to get my first tattoo, but i am wondering if i should wait until this new ink comes out.

My ex girlfriend who loves tattoos and piercings went to get her star tattoo removed and when it was done i could still see a little bit of it.

i guess it looks better with this new ink and the tattoo can be removed with a simple painless 10 min laser with this new ink.

Not saying i want it erased in the future.

Has anyone heard about this?

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    I have not heard of it until now, thank you. I think that it would save a lot of pain, time, and money when it comes to tattoo removal. I would actually get my tattoo inked with that for the sheer purpose of removing it when I got old and wrinkly.

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    5 years ago

    Why do you want to buy tattoo ink, anyway? In my experience tattoo artists and apprentices know all about the products they use, and have access to plenty of suppliers where they can get their tattooing equipment and materials... and nobody but tattoo artists has any business buying this stuff anyway.

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