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小彰 asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago

徵求 大學 英文高手


1. Taiwanese baseball player and New York Yankees pitcher Wang Chien-ming has been named one of Time magazine’s 100 most _____ people for this year.

(A) notorious (B) influential (C) profitable (D) respectful

2. Wang Chien-ming is the only Taiwanese on this year’s list, and the third, after president Chen Shui-bian and film director Ang Lee, to be _____ in the top 100 since the Time magazine began running the series in 2004.

(A) contributed (B) appeared (C) included (D) excluded

3. Wang Chien-ming said through his agent that he was honored to receive the award, and that he would work even harder to _____ people’s high expectations of him.

(A) live on (B) live through (C) live with (D) live up to

4. The 100 people on Time’s list are divided into five _____ – leaders and revolutionaries; artists and entertainers; heroes and pioneers; scientists and thinkers; and builders and titans.

(A) categories (B) ranks (C) schools (D) levels

5. To build the Grand Canyon Skywalk, more than 100 steel bars were _____ 40 feet into limestone bedrock, than capped with steel plates.

(A) pumped (B) beaten (C) drilled (D) knocked


可以的話 備註一下 答案為什麼要選那個 (感恩!!)

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    1. (A) 惡名昭彰的, (B) 有影響力的, (C) 有利益的, (D) 尊敬的. 按句意應選 (B).

    2. (A) 被貢獻的, (B) 被現出的, (C) 被包括的, (D) 被剃除的. 王建民是繼陳總統和李安之後被收錄至百大的, 所以應選 (C).

    3. (A) 以..為生, (B) 經歷, (C) 與...同住, (D) 達到. 王建民必須努力達到球迷的期望, (D)是唯一的選擇.

    4. (A)類別, (B) 等級, (C) 族群,流派, (D) 水準. 百大有五種人,所以(A)類別是正當的選擇.

    5, (A) 被抽, (B) 被打, (C) 被鑽, (D) 被敲打. 100根鋼管被敲進灰石岩床中. (D)是正確的選擇. (B)的中譯看起來似乎可以,但英文原意傾向於被打敗,挨打的意思,在這裡不適合.

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