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Why do jews keep on forcing issues state of israel, holocaust, ann frank & eistein on the news daily?

Which is more important state of israel or state of Kansas


So what I have a misspelled or ask question again & again, if ya don't like it don't bother with it ...'em jews whining, bit-ching and lying too much many more country we have to fight for y'all ...iraq now iran what after that Venezuela

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    Being that Israel is our unofficial 51st state, its a toss up.

  • Hodaya
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    They're not forcing anything on the news.

    Israel? Well, since your country , the US , supports it , isn't it obvious it will be on the news?

    Holocaust? !!! Forgetting history is the first step for it to repeat itself all over again. The new generations need to be educated. The world needs to be sure it will NEVER happen AGAIN.

    Anne Frank? Her diary is just the window to the world of those days - and a good way to educate the new generations about the horrors of the Holocaust.

    Einstein? Dude , what's your problem with Einstein? Do you hate Science class or something?

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    The parochial views of some US citizens, who seriously believe that the state of Kansas is more relevant and important to world politics than the state of Israel, are the reason so many non-US citizens despair of ever being able to have a sane dialogue with the US.

  • Gypsy
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    The state of Israel. It is an endangered species. All of the neighbors of Kansas are not firing rockets into their towns, they are not trying to murder the citizens and erase it off the map.

    Little kids in Kansas do not go to school everyday and wonder if the rocket fire will hit them.

    The Israelis were given the land by God, they bought it again with money, and they bought it again with their own blood when their neighbors tried to murder them. (again) How many times do they have to pay for their home?

    The world has turned their back on the Jews before. Sadly many would turn their back again. That would probably be the end of us all. If we do not defend Israel, who will defend us?

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    Why? Because we must never forget the depths to which humanity can sink! Are you hoping that perhaps it's the Arabs who will provide the "final solution?"

    Which is more important? Israel. You can thank Israel for hundreds of medical advancements. You can thank Israel for many innovations on the computer you're using. You can thank Israel for advancements in all fields of science and technology!


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    You already asked this exact same question including your dumb spelling of Einstein. Nobody's forcing anything on anyone. If you don't like the news, don't listen to it. And I fail to see what the problem is with Anne Frank and Einstein. Some people on this board are what we in the psychological profession call psychotic personalities. You epitomize that diagnosis.

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    Is Kansas a state?

  • kismet
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    If you do not believe the Jews have the right to live peacefully in their homeland, Israel, then you are anti-Semitic.

    How pitiful!!!!


    Use the 'check spelling' button, Einstein!

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    First of all, I do notice that you cannot spell Einstein OR Cheney; you're an embarassment to us all.

    Secondly, I see YOU bringing it up. I read about the problems in the US; not sure where you're getting your news.

    Source(s): Liberal Reconstructionist Jew who is voting for Obama (wanted Hillary, but ....)
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    I'll give you the same answer I gave you the last time you asked this question: we do it just to annoy you. That's right. You're that important.

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    um because those were and are real issues that hurt the jews and still to this day relate to reailty

    go to hell wow what a dumb question

    u must have to heart do u

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