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Are people brainwashed into joining the U.S. military by media and lower-middle class culture?

This is not an insult to the men and women in the military. I realize that some people do not come from good homes and have no other options after high school. I've just been researching this topic for a few hours and was wondering what others thought about it. Here are some websites you may find interesting.

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what an adventure...sign me up

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Does anyone actually make it past O-4? I hope they're not living in Manhattan!


This was an interesting report from the UK.....

Update 2:

Please no anecdotes on this thread.

Update 3:

Dear tallerfella,

Thanks for your comments. I just looked at your profile and it says your a major contributor in the beauty section of YA, so I'm sure your a very smart guy. Yes, it is true that I posted this question before, but it was without all the research I did tonight.

Update 4:

Thanks for that quote Amy. I'll add it to my list of things media brainwashed people say in pro-military arguments. I'm sure you cleverly picked it up while watching TV and laying the smack down on some juvenile delinquent. I hope your son does well in Iraq getting oil for Bush.

Update 5:

I also want to add that you do not have to join the military to pay for college. Most lower ranked public schools are dirt cheap and are willing to take anyone.

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    my brother join it and he didnt got brain wash , i proud with him that can bring the best for his country

    see here military wifes song video really touch it :)

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    I joined the military to get money for college and to serve my country. I come from a good home and could have went straight to college, but I did not want to burden my parents with the cost. I got to see much of the world and still do as a member of the reserves.

    BTW. People do get promoted past O-4; the highest rank in the military is O-10.

    There is no brainwashing to get people to join the military. If you want to research why people join the military, the best way is to interview them; you do not get the best research from the internet.

    >If think that the costs of a college education are "dirt cheap" you did not have to pay for it yourself. And if you consider searching the internet and watching TV as research, you have not done any college level research.

    BTW. State universities have to accept any body who graduated from high school in that state; it's the law, no matter how highly ranked it is. The only acception is when there are no room available for new students.

    Source(s): USN/USNR; graduate student in history, having done actual research.
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    You think you're not insulting us? Get a grip!

    You are looking down your nose at anyone who chose to enlist rather than attend college... and you said straight out that it might be their only option, if they are too low-class and/or low-income to be able to afford college. That is SO condescending and SO WRONG!!

    Time to grow up, honey. There are many other options out there... community colleges, trade schools, apprenticeship programs for the trades.. all KINDS of options. What with financial aid and incredible grants available for low-income families (Many more than for middle income earners) the military is NOT the only option for those not headed to a four year college.

    You insinuate that anyone who CHOOSES the military is somehow brainwashed or less than intelligent? Shame on you. My son is highly intelligent, and chose to enlist to defend your right to say cr@p like this!

    In the immortal words of Jack Nicholson, "I have no patience with people who live under the very blanket of freedom I provide yet question the manner in which I provide it."

    Would you build a mansion with the best of everything inside, and NOT install a security system? Of course you wouldn't! Why would you think it makes sense to build a country and not invest and support our security system?

    I'm afraid, unless our citizens become a LOT less naive about national security and the need for a strong military, we are headed for disaster! Clinton/Gore downsized the military, and when our soldiers and Marines were sent to the middle east with substandard armor, who got blamed?? The current congress and the president... even though these issues are the direct result of downsized and contracted-out military service.

    Bottom line? We have to support our folks in uniform so when we do have to call upon them for service, they are as safe as we can make them! They honor us with their service, and they deserve nothing but the best we can give them!

    Source(s): Proud Mom of a United States Marine!
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    You asked this same question several days ago and it got deleted. You cite crap references to "back" your claim.

    You claim your question is not an insult, yet you infer that someone in the lower middle class is not intelligent enough to make a decision about joining the armed forces. In fact calling them blind sheep who listen to mindless blogs on the Internet (see above as you fit) If you had an original thought flash through your mind, it would be the FASTEST recorded trip in history.

    Get off the soapbox and have an original thought.

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    I don't think husband and I gave up careers that put us in the higher end of the middle class. We did this so he could rejoin the Army because he felt that was where he belonged. Now we get by on his pay and I go to school. Nope definitely not brainwashed and we definitely had other options. I'm proud of my husband's decision and I supported 100%.

    Source(s): Proud Wife of a Deployed Soldier
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    My husband came from a great home and had a wonderful job that he put on hold so he could join the Ng and fight for our great country. He gave up his $35 an hour job , lots of overtime and side jobs to get paid crap money to go to Iraq and fight for our country because he loves this country and wants to see the war stay there rather than come here and put his family at risk. He is from Scotland and feels the need to Thank this great nation for all it has given him!!!

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    I just want to say that if these people were brainwashed by our liberal media, they wouldn't be joining the military. They'd be brainwashed into HATING the military. That's what happened in my town. I'm planning on enlisting in the military and I get tons of crap.

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    No; the brainwashing is being done to keep them out of the military.

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    What? Do you think a country just happens because you have happy thoughts and good intentions?

    A country only exists so long as its armed forces can defend it.

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    The only reason I joined the Army is because of all those damn commercials I keep seeing.

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