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How to throw a change-up?

In baseball, how do you throw a change-up? Explainations and/or videos are greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    Usually its in the finger arrangement.... you want a change-up to look like a fastball, but be 10 to 20mph slower..... your arm movement is what counts, it needs to stay the same speed or its a dead give-away. SO, like I said, some throw a fork or splitter, slider as their Change-up (just different finger placements) so that it appears they are throwing a fastball! You really need to find someone around your town that can explain why different finger placements cause different movements and speed. It will help you to develop a rythym which to a batter looks the same every pitch, yet the speeds and movements on a ball are totally different. Achieving that will lead to much success!

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    Choke the ball.

    I'm guess due to your question placement and the fact that you are asking in the first place that you are fairly young. The easiest way to start throwing a change up is to move the ball back in your hand and "choke" it. Hold the ball like your fastball, move your ring finger on to the top of the ball, move your pinky finger to the side of the ball. Grip it slightly tighter than your fastball (holding it further back in your hand), and throw it like you throw your fastball. The increased time it is in your hand will take speed off the ball while still making it appear to be a fastball. You can learn variations as you improve, but this is the best place to start.

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    Baseball section would help there buddy...

    But basically, you wrap your hand around it and set the ball in your palm, then go through a fastball motion. It only works if the motion looks jsut like a fastball.

    there are different types, you'll have to figure out which one will work best for you.

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  • You should ask this question in the BASEBALL section next time. I know there is one person here that could possibly help you. But I don't think he will.

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    It's hard to throw a change-up in hockey.

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