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Why does Yahoo home page not reflect the REAL news about Obama?

They are carrying the headlines about what Jessie Jackson said about Obama, but they are not carrying the lead story of ABC, CBS, NBC TV on Obama, and what all the talk shows are talking about today.

I find that remarkably unusual after hearing this all day long. I do think they are trying to intentionally suppress the news.

Many of his supporters are claiming they are not going to vote for him after his vote on FISA today.


What happend? Did this news story fizzle out and what Jessie Jackson said was more important.

I can't fathom that since Jackson has been out of the picture for this entire campaign and no one on either side wants him in.

I think the Jackson story is just a smokescreen on Obama's vote on wiretapping.

Update 2:

BTW, I agree Obama did the right thing... but this is about Yahoo News.

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    I will probably have my access shut off for saying this, Yahoo is so biased it is crazy. They are clearly anti-Israel, so I take little consideration in what they feature in their news headlines, I read several sources just to get the whole picture.

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    You sound green with envy. It`s OK it`s only a picture. The quivering lip reading you mention is wide spread among all politicians. Perhaps we shouldn`t have a nat`l government and just let the states rule themselves and just have nat`l summits every now and then at different parts of the country where our state governments can help each other out with problems and solutions.

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    You can compromise and get something done, or stand your ground and nothing changes. Even a dictator like Bush compromises.

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