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Best shoes for tai chi?

Hi i've been doing tai chi for 3 years now and now i have to look for a pair of shoes. i used to do tai chi bare foot but, now i'm in a new dojo and to prevent injury due to unclean floor, i want a good pair of shoes for training. I know disciple shoes are great for kung fu ... and adidas make some good shoes too... are those 2 brand a good choice for tai chi shoes? i want a shoes i can wear all day, so the old traditional one isn't for me too much... i need a good shoes that last long... i do tai chi, and traditionnal yang style with martial aplication and some free fighting and the form bare hand and with weapon... what shoes would be best?

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    I've been doing martial arts (including Yang style T'ai Chi Ch'uan) for many years now and I still swear by my Chuck Taylor's...! I've had some of the other brands mentioned, and they are good, but Converse are just a nice, flat shoe with decent support.

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    Tai Chi Shoes

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    YES, you should wear socks with your Tai Chi shoes - I can assure you it will not effect the flow of your chi.

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    The best shoes in my experience are the adidas samba indoor soccer shoes. They're made of very durable leather and tend to last a long time. You can wear them all day and throughout your practice. They're great for almost all Chinese martial arts practice. Check them out. Good luck.

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    Nihauma !!

    I teach all that you say. The best is to get rubber sole comfortable tennis shoes - solid black - about 1 size too big - to give better balance and allow for any swelling during training - these can be worn all day - make 'em "wide" - in other words, if you wear size 10, buy size 10 wide - duh.

    I have been teaching for well over 30 years now - feel free to e-mail me for anything -

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    get shoes with some arch support. i learned the hard way and my feet were killing me afterwards. don't bother buying those expensive $60 shoes. their not worth it, been there done that and they lasted maybe 4 months at most.

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    tai chi barefoot?

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    i got some adidas martial arts shoes i love them and i work them to work etc they are great i sugest going to a martial arts store and they will probs have some.

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      Bristol has a great martial arts shop, Enso Martial Arts

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    hospital shoes (they are like socks with rubber soles)

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