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Physicians formula or Bare minerals? honestly, which is better?

Okay people are always fussing about how bare minerals is the best foundation n blah blah... don't you think they're just doing all this cause obviously it's always on TV n magazines n stuff so it has to be good. I haven't tried bare minerals (cause i can't find it anywhere lol) but i think physicians formula got some really mineral/loose powders too. (I like the green organic loose powder) So if you've used both which do you prefer? and don't fall into bare minerals cause it's more popular. Thanks! :-)

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    Haha, I am going to say PF, because I have very light skin, but blemishes, and Bare Minerals just doesn't cover it up like I would like.

    Physicians Formula blends super well and I can't notice any blemishes at all. It gives great coverage, but still feels like I have nothing on. Its natural, it helps your skin breath & its just great! Most important for me though, is that they do not test on animals and it is talc-free, so it is good for the environment, animals, and your skin. I love it!

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    I love and use both of them but I personally like bare minerals better. It has a little more coverage (just what I need) They're pretty much the same they both make your skin equally soft, with both you can't tell your wearing makeup, no breakouts, light and not cakey. I love physicians formulas bronzers way better their my favorite line bronzers, their better then Bare minerals. Maybe if physicians formula came out with a powder with better coverage I would choose it over bare minerals.

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    bare minerals is better if you need a lot of coverage

    but if you just want something for maybe oil control or a little coverage use physicians formula

    if you don't need the coverage bare minerals will feel cakey and you will feel like a clown

    i like physicians formula to even my skin out a little and take care of oil

    i tried bare minerals and it was soo thick

    but it does cover REALLY well if you need it

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    Bare Minerals, by far. I never got the same coverage or staying power from Physicans as I do from Bare Minerals!

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    Out of those too, Bare Minerals.

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    You didn't mention it but I like L'oreal's bare naturale mineral makeup best. Oh and I saw bare minerals at Target last time I was there, if you are looking for it.

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    I agree, Bare Minerals is the best, it covers my freckles, plus blends in greatly with my fair skin, that no liquid foundation will cover up

  • cyrill
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    I used it and that i hated it. i did no longer get the insurance i wanted, and that i felt like my pores and skin became into grimy. in case you're lifeless set on attempting a style of, verify they have a funds back assure, which the single i attempted, I used it for a week, and sent it back, I have been given all my funds back. a minimum of this could provide you an threat to truly see the way it may artwork on your pores and skin. and regardless of in case you are not getting the fee of the delivery back, it fairly is in lots of circumstances approximately 6 or 7 funds, which would be nicely worth seeing if it may artwork for you, rather of making an investment far extra. solid success !

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    Bare minerals.

    I think its alot better.

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