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I'm deciding if I want to buy FL Studio to start using to produce hip hop beats. I want to know if the full version comes with more sounds than there was in demo version because there was very little in that demo. It's cheap thats why I want to buy it to start producing. Should I do it? I'm planning on getting FL Studio and the Korg Kontrol 49 to start off. Good idea? Can I make beats with that equipment alone?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    1. I make beat on Reason with rex file and export the wave file as loop and import the beat again with Fruity slicer.

    For more acoustic flavor (composition) I use EZ Drummer via FL as VST.

    2. I do my all compose (orchestration file) with my FL 8 and export the wave file and import the wave file by SONAR 7 (only orchestration file) cause for any analog sound recording (voice or guitar) I use Sonar 7 (because it has overwrite function but FL don't).

    Go for FL; because this is the easiest beat software for composing; just do not do any tweak (eq or compressor or reverb) when you are taking analog sound via FL.

    Sonar do not let you (but you can monitor) recording analog sound with any effect and it is good idea. Because with raw wave file you will have enough option for tweaking later.

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    1 decade ago

    FL Studio itself doesn't come with many sounds, although I believe you can download quite a few free ones through the image-line download manager after you buy FL Studio.

    There are plenty of free sound sources on the web though, many drum samples, freeware VST plug-ins for any type of sound you like. Feel free to shoot me an email if you need help finding some.

    If you decide to buy FL Studio you can use my promo code (BACJBAA468) to get 10% discount on your purchase from the image-line online store. See link below

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    6 years ago

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