is carlos ruiz going to play tomorow vs. chivas usa?

I hate coch Guilt for not puting carlos ruiz the man who led galaxy to thier championchip in 2003 :thats wat hapens wen u get a coach from Europe

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    Probably not. Ruiz had the bad luck to get badly injured in the first game of the season, and has not been able to win his starting position back since Edson Buddle has been playing so well. In fact, there are rumors that he will be traded when the transfer window opens July 15. LA's offense is outstanding even without Ruiz; its defense needs to be strengthened, and Ruiz is costing them a big fraction ($350,000+) of their salary cap. They just signed Argentinian defender Eduardo Dominguez for a undisclosed amount, and are also looking at Honduran defender Osman Chavez. Clearly they need to make salary cap room for these two. There's a good chance Abel Xavier will gone soon too.

    As for hating Gullit; if you're a Galaxy fan, well, don't. Without his soccer sense they would not be top of the Westrern conference.

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    This Thursday Edit My Bad Next Tuesday The 14 Of September

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    i hope so

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