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R&P: I'm considering retirement from YA?

A lot of my contacts are leaving YA, which is saddening me. All from the baseball and American Football sections on YA. I have a lot of friends here in R&P, but I'm losing too many friends.

My decision on whether or not to retire from YA will be made at the end of this week.

MQ: Favorite album that was the last for that band. It can't be their Greatest Hits.

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    You ain't going NOWHERE!!!!!!!

    Got it? LOL! We got FF to do..and in less than 2 months... it's football time!

    We need the Sweetness! Who else am I gonna customize Avatars for?

    As for the MQ? IDK lemme think......

    Howzabout this... their first AND last studio album: Never Mind the Bollocks, Here's the Sex Pistols- by the Sex Pistols.

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    MQ: Just to be different, I'll say The Police's "Synchronicity". Hopefully it will be the band's last. Usually it takes a band member dying for a band to know when to hang it up, and sometimes even that isn't enough. One would have thought the Doors would have packed it in when Morrison died, but they went on to record two more albums. If you would have asked this question last year I would have said The Stooges' "Funhouse", but then they released a new one (a pretty good one, actually).

    ...So never say never. Sometimes the last time isn't really the last time. It's just like leaving Y/A. You'll probably be back. Take some time off and come back refreshed. By that time, the Cult of Jonas will have either moved onto another fixation that will be even worse, or have been turned on to some decent music. Hasta llego.

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    OK, I tried to write this soo many different ways, that after all that backspacing, this is what I have.

    When you play the move-out game, you will at some point have to move-out. It starts with you not sleeping in the same bed, and then your constantly packing your stuff, and then you are going to stay with a friend for a couple of days. Many people have played the game and have not met with the kind of success they were hoping for. Now me, when that game starts, I will pack your stuff and call you a cab(I am at least, a decent human being, or so I think)

    Now for this particular site: I wish it was still fun to use. It's not.

    Once it burns itself out, they will wish for people like you to get it back to good. But, too much too little to late. Find out what site the friends went to and if they don't have an R+P, MAKE ONE. After all, that's how this started. Someone like you did it! Come back in two years and see if you recognize the people, chances are, like you they went somewhere else(Hint Hint YA)

    On a side note, I am a huge football and baseball fan, if your friends are knowledgeable about this, I would like to know where they went. Good Luck.

    I gotta go with "Dog Eat Dog" by Warrant. Not at all like their other pretty-boy tracks.

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    Edge - No, because Edge said he would llike to go until WM 30 or so... John Cena - NO, he is the face of the company, and Now Nexus HHH - No, bc WWE is his life, and when he does retire from the ring, he will take over the company from Vince Orton - No, still to young 'Taker - Not until he reaches 20 - 0 at WM Kane - Possibly, but he could face 'Taker at WM CM Punk - Maybe, not so sure My guess is Rey Mysterio, because he said he wanted to reitre soon, possibly he will face Alberto Del Rio in a Retirement Match at WM or RR

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    Don't, I don't really spend a lot of time in this section as I'm mostly on the soccer[kick] section, there are a lot of contacts who I miss right now. Maybe you will come back ?

    MQ : I don't have a favorite album, band = Muse

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    Don't i barely got back from YA and yes Ya Can be hectic , just take a break from it that is what helped me a lot when i took a break from Ya , then after you do then make the decision of staying or leaving okay and whatever decision you make i will back you up 100%

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    Nirvana: In-Utero

    I came back after losing a 37,000 point account.

    I'm here for the laughs, the people you meet, and the great social experiment.

    Where else are you going to Rick Roll people? Football season is here, and that's when you are needed most.

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    Don't go! You're one of my favorite people here, no joke. Stay here and hang out a little more, please?


    If you still decide to leave after reading this, I just want you to know this: I'll miss you.

    MQ: In Utero by Nirvana

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    i know iv been here six times man iv lost all of my favorite contacts but this place is good for a quickie when your bored I myself dont even consider me to be a user im here when iv got something to say or bored or want to voice my opinions so very rarely am i here you shouldnt retire just dont spend that much time come back on occasion

  • Hopefully, you'll still come back soon.

    In my case, I just visit every once in a while now. I also considered stopping Y!A once and for all, but I guess I just can't do it.

    See you soon!!! (fingers crossed)

    MQ: Nirvana - "In Utero"

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    You dont have to retire.

    Friends come and go around here. Seriously, just add new contacts and youll have new friends in no time.

    My fav album from one band was "tiger and the duke" from the sound of animals fighting.

    Its a band i have been listening lately. Theyre experimental and its a bunch of people from different bands. it was kind of a side project for them, but it turned out good.

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