Is this a good complete Alice Cullen costume?

Ok, I know it seems like EVERYONE is dressing up as Alice for the Breaking Dawn book release. But honestly, she's the only character I CAN dress up as.

So here we go.

On top, a black and white dress. Light and flowy, and short.

Hopefully something like this-

On bottom, black leggings with lace detail.

Like this-

Shoes-Cute black flats. They have to be comfy, because I have a thing called Relay for Life from August 1st-2nd (it's 48 hours) and I'll be dressed up during that.


A few bangles, and small earings and a petite necklace.


Maybelline shine-free oil control powder in Ivory color

Simple eyeliner (NYC brand) accented with a little dark grey and pearl color for a slightly smoky look, as well as the obvious dark circles around the eyes.



Makeup (cont.)

A light face shimmer/glitter (I'll be in the sun all day)

I can't get contacts, but I think I'm doing pretty darned good without them.

Is there anything I'm missing? Is this a good set-up? Improvements/changes?

Thanks! Your input is much appreciated.

Update 2:

Oh duhr. Hair.

My hair is a dark mahogany color, short, and choppy. I'll mousse it up, flip it out, and hairspray it.


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  • 1 decade ago
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    i haven't read the whole series yet but i have an idea of how alice should dress like. though i might be wrong. ah well. its personal perspective.

    but anyway, flats are fine:)

    i don't like the leggings with the dress. maybe get rid of it? it's not really flattering with a knee length dress and leggings. it makes your legs look stumpy. and lace leggings with a lace dress? blah.

    accessories are fine. and so's the makeup. i like the smoky look thing though:) please don't make up the dark circles. thinking of all the fans with fake dark circles creates well.. an amusing image. but hey, its your choice.

    :) sorry if i didn't help that much:/

  • 1 decade ago

    oooh, thats fabulous. i can see alice.

    i don't have any suggestions, except go easy with the smoky eye because i just never see Alice as like mysterious or dark or whatever and maybe patent leather flats. I love Alice, she's my favorite character, we're a lot alike. good luck!

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