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STP: Core or Puple?

Which do you prefer?


And please tell why, if you so desire :)

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    Core...I know I always said Purple, but after much consideration what finally does it for me is how easily Core flows from song to's seamless. Plus Dean DeLeo is one of the most underrated (along with Eric Kretz and Rob DeLeo) Guitar players in rock music. Geez, you'd think Weiland sang, played drums, guitar, and bass with how much attention he gets. Either way, Core. Each song is fantastic and like I said, it just transitions so darn nicely.

    Edit: Ahh, I was trying to make a point about Dean. His guitar work was haunting on that album....

  • I don't really like STP, but I do like the album Core. I checked it out from the library (!!) a while back andit was stuck in my CD player the whole week. I've got some of the songs on my ipod too.

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    Purple is one of my favorite albums of all time.

    I guess I like it better than Core because I really like every song on it. There are a few songs on Core that are just o.k. in my opinion.

    "Army Ants" and "Unglued" were great and should have been hits. Also, it has a wonderfully weird bonus track which I am a sucker for hidden bonus tracks.

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    I like Purple better I find it far less generic to me the album sounded a bit less grunge and you can tell they were starting to create their own sound. Core was an amazing debut album but you can tell they blended a bit of Nirvana,AIC, and Pearl Jam to make an amazing album. Core was a great radio friendly album ,but overall I like Purple better.

    : )

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    - I like more of the songs on this one then Purple.

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    I LOVED both ! I used to rotate them on repeat had a 5 disc changer so green day dookie ,red hot chili peppers , nin , aerosmith ......these were my top bands since I was pretty young .

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    Because of Silvergun Superman. I love that song

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    Core. Great album and it has 'Dead and Bloated' on it. Twisted song but good.

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    To me it is the better album.

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