im making a myspace layout page. how do i get a picture of the screen?

im making a myspace layout profile and i want to put up my own layouts. how do i get a picture of what the layout looks like to post above the code?

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    yu press prt/scr/sysrq look on yur keyboard yu should see it then go to paint (regular) and go to edit then paste :) simple

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    while you are on the page that you want the picture to be of, press the button on your keyboard that says "PrtSc."

    then right-click & select "copy background."

    once youve done this, open up paint or something like that & paste. it will be big, so resize it.

    then you can upload it on photobucket or tinypic.

    :) hope this helpedd!

    & also--press the button F11 if you dont want to see the address bar and whatnot at the top of the page, and the bar at the bottom of the page that says what all you have opened.

    ANDDD if you dont want the small bar above that very bottom bar to show, right click somewhere at the top of the toolbar (where the address bar and stuff is) and de-select "status bar." :)

    AND (last thing) if you are trying to copy the background more than once, you have to press the "PrtSc" button each time before you select copy background.

    i discovered this on the hard wayy. :)

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    Photobucket's probably the easiest way, but you can also capture the images of the layout itself by pressing keys:

    Mac: command + shift + 4 (select object or image you want to capture)

    PC: press "Prt Scr" (automatically saves entire screen) then open up Windows Paint, then paste and save.

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    4 years ago

    it relatively is quite hardship-free. there's a button close to the F keys that has Prt Scrn on it. bypass to the demonstrate screen you desire to catch and push that. Then bypass into MS paint and hit paste and the demonstrate screen shot will arise after which you would be able to edit it to your liking.

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    u have to upload it.

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