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Is it tacky to sell advertising space on my dear departed mother-in-law's gravestone marker?

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    Burials and burial sites are very expensive. Where my mother-in-law is buried encompasses over 16 thousand acres.It's a long way to the rest rooms, if the need should arise in the middle of services.So after her funeral I installed a porta-potty over her headstone and have made over $6,000 dollars so far----at .25 cents per. Boy, am I a whiz or what! Oh! She hasn't complained once and the flowers are growing like crazy.The local funeral home is my only advertiser---it's an exclusive--- and just says"DO'S Funeral Home. Come in and ask about our layaway plan."

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    It's tacky to advertise on a coffin although a discreet Inter-Flora banner is OK.

    The gravestone marker is waiting for an enterprising entrepreneur to exploit it's possibilities.

    In the best possible taste of course.

    Earth-moving Company


    Italian Marble Manufacturer

    Small Garden Designer Guru

    Weed killer/fertiliser

    A self help book flyer.

    Comedy Club Venue

    but I'm sure you have your own list.

    Good luck

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    I don't think she would ever rest in peace with all the lookie loos getting your number.

    Safest Bet advertise yourself on Craisglist, Newspaper, Church bulletin, and let mom-in-law rest for the greater eternity in heaven.

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    Hey, great idea. Perhaps you might want to consider those giant unipole ad board. I heard they pay like a few hundred thousand a year to put their ads up on one of those things.

    If you put it right in the middle of her grave, you can be sure she won't rise up again. Kill 2 birds with one stone,,,

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    particular! How could you like it if somebody offered advert area on your tombstone? i think of Ex lax could be a prefect advertiser on yours because of the fact your finished of it and needed some alleviation.

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    you scared me there for a second. at first glance i didn't see the mother "in-law". and to think i was gonna call you a slew of inapropriate things. whew.

    go for it.

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    its very tacky and inconsiderate, considering the circumstances behind it.

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    sounds weird to me and tacky. i don't understand that.

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