Pen or sword?

They say the pen is mightier than the sword,do you agree? if not why?

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    1 decade ago
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    The pen is truly mightier than the sword.

    I think most people have had this expression confused with the romantic idea that a writer can do more damage with a pen than merely kill them. Other than writers of history, I disagree. Even then, the pen in the hand of a writer, only does damage after the fact.

    I think a pen in a warlord's hand is far stronger than a sword, gun or any other weapon. It is with his pen that he gives orders, drafts strategy, signs the checks. A single pen can instate a draft, or hire mercenaries. A pen can sign a pardon or a conviction. A pen can start a revolution, reformation, inquisition, and so much more. The pen commands the sword.

    However, a sword has it's qualities as well. It is strong and solid. Sharp and balanced. The sword can protect the pen with one edge, or turn on it with another.

    Another observation on the pen and the sword. The sword has nothing inside it. It is solid. It is a tool. The pen is filled with a fluid, ink. Like our blood, sweat and tears, it gives it's ink into it's work. To some a pen is more than a tool.

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    Well I don't know. I own about 50 swords but I have well over 200 pens. Pens are without a doubt cheaper than swords but the pens don't cut worth a crap and I can cut lettering into things with a sword.

    Nope, the sword is much mightier but then, I prefer a Colt .45 myself.

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    Yes pen is mightier than sword

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    The pen.

    With a sword you can only kill someone. With the pen you can destroy them AND their descendants. You can also praise them and raise them up to be leaders of nations.

    The sword only intimidates. The pen can intimidate or enlighten.

  • The pen can have a much bigger impact than a sword can.

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    1 decade ago

    Mouse xx

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    That depends on who you're talking to.

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