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POP QUIZ - answer FAST (w/o reading others), THEN state your religion or lack of one...?

If half of the Miks are Maks.. And one forth of the Maks are Mooks.

And you have 400 Miks, how many Mooks do you have?

Answer as fast as you can, don't read any other answers and state if your Atheist or Theist etc.


Typo "one fourth of the Maks are Mooks"


Update 2:

....Page Filler...

Don't read the answers...

Update 3:

Someone edited their answer, shame on you =)

This pop-quiz was easy though.

Theres really two correct answers, one has to do with probability like someone mentioned.

Update 4:

If half of YOUR Miks are Maks and 1/4 of YOUR Maks are Mooks then the answer is a number.

If not then its just probability.

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  • Nijg
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    you have 50 Mooks right?

    Well, that would be my first reaction. But with out a chance to think about it.... I can't figure out what this question is getting at. 50 is the "obviouse" answer, though of course I'm sure its not neccesarily the correct answer.

    I also think that it might all come back down to the mooks, which would make it 400.

    UNLESS this question is designed to make people over think that problem, in which case....

    Its working.....(:

    Sorry, I edited my answer.... but my actual answer to the question remains the same, 50... I was just "thinking out loud" so to speak. And I would also like to know what religion has to do with it..... please tell us the answer!


    Source(s): Please post the answer, I am determined to figure out the reasoning behind this problem! It can not be that simple!! haha.
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    50? Catholic

    But how can Mooks be Maks? Isn't that like saying: "One fourth of Americans are British". Makes no sense.

    And some of the Maks might not be Miks, so there might be more Maks, which alters the number of Mooks. The Answer is indeterminable.

  • 1 decade ago

    Are all Maks considered Miks?

    First guess is 50.

    The bottom was edited in after the fact:

    "If half of the Miks are Maks.. And one forth of the Maks are Mooks. And you have 400 Miks, how many Mooks do you have?"

    To explain my question:

    Let me trade Miks for "Americans," Maks for "vegetarians," and Mooks for "pedicurists."

    1/2 of all Americans are vegetarians. We have 400 Americans. So 1/2 of 400 is 200 vegetarians from the American group.

    But not all vegetarians have to be American, some are Swedish, British, etc. And not all pedicurists are vegetarian Americans. So the question cannot really be answered to satisfaction unless we know if all Maks come from Miks or all Mooks come from Maks.

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  • KAL
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    1 decade ago

    Theoretically, you have 50. ...but it is quite possible that your sample of 400 Miks wasn't representative of the population...thus, you could actually have anywhere from zero to 400 mooks.


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    What my religion has to do with it, I can't tell. And I can't answer atheist or theist. I'm a Jew who doesn't believe in a supernatural entity but has another conception of God.

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    But what is are Miks Maks and Mooks?

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    50 mooks and I'm an atheist

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    50! And now that I've done it why are you asking and how does it relate to religion? I suppose I should go all the way and answer that one too...I'm an atheist.

  • 1 decade ago

    The world is full of mooks. Rought estimate, about 6 billion.


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