POP QUIZ - answer FAST (w/o reading others), THEN state your religion or lack of one...?

If half of the Miks are Maks.. And one forth of the Maks are Mooks.
And you have 400 Miks, how many Mooks do you have?

Answer as fast as you can, don't read any other answers and state if your Atheist or Theist etc.
Update: Typo "one fourth of the Maks are Mooks"
Update 2: ....Page Filler...
Don't read the answers...
Update 3: Someone edited their answer, shame on you =)
This pop-quiz was easy though.
Theres really two correct answers, one has to do with probability like someone mentioned.
Update 4: If half of YOUR Miks are Maks and 1/4 of YOUR Maks are Mooks then the answer is a number.
If not then its just probability.
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