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weed songs?

what are some songs about weed besides

rest of my life by kottonmouth kings?


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    all reggae list:

    Herbsman-King Stitt & Andy Capp

    Ganja Plane-The G.G. All Stars

    Ishan Cup-Lloyd Charmers

    Collie And Wine-Glen Brown

    Real Collie-Dice & Cummie

    Kaya-Bob Marley

    Kaya Version-Bob Marley

    Lick I Pipe-Carl Murphy

    Lick The Pipe, Peter Part 4-Jah T

    Pass The Pipe-The Observers

    Herb Tree-Aston Barrett

    Ganja Free-Clancy Eccles

    Kutchi Skank-The Upsetters

    My Jamaican Collie-Max Romeo

    Feeling High-Rupie Edwards

    Half Ounce-Big Youth

    Herb Version-Leroy Horsemouth Wallace

    Better Collie-Horace Andy

    Collie Version-The Aggrovators

    Bring The Couchie Come-The Reggae Crusaders

    Couchie Dub-Niney & The Soul Syndicate

    Ganja-Joe White

    Collie Dread-Johnny Clarke

    Ashanti Ganja Dub-Leslie Butler

    Free The Weed-Rupie Edwards

    Bush Weed Corntrash-Bunny & Ricky

    Callying Butt-The Upsetters

    Chalice To Chalice-Tappa Zukie

    A Hundred Pounds Of Collie-Cornell Campbell

    I Love Marijuana-Linval Thompson

    Jamaican Collie Version-Linval Thompson

    Smoke Marijuana-Big Joe

    Marijuana In My Soul-Ranking Dread

    Collie Weed-Horace Andy

    Marijuana-Sly & The Revolutionaries

    Marijuana In My Brain-Dillinger

    Herb-Sly & The Revolutionaries

    Collie Weed-Barrington Levy

    Collie-Sly & The Revolutionaries

    Scientist Ganja Dub-Scientist & The Roots Radics

    Sensimilea-Barrington Levy

    Cannabis Dub-Scientist & The Roots Radics

    The Great Collie Herb-Derrick Morgan

    Babylon Don't Touch My Sensi-Neville Brown

    Sensi Man-Mike Brooks

    Ganja Baby-Clint Eastwood

    Kaya-Ronnie Davis

    Sensi For Sale-The Tufftones

    Legalize It- Pete Tosh

    Pass the Dutchie- Musical Youth

    edit-elizabeth j- sweet jane by velvet underground isnt about pot, its about being a sex fetishist who likes to go to rock and roll shows and still having a straight day job.

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    Band of Horses: Weed Party.

    The band is great if you are looking for a good band and something besides Kottonmounth kings. But if you just are interested in bands like that then don't listen to any other song by Band of Horses just the weed party song!

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    puff the magic dragon by peter paul & mary

    last dance with Mary Jane by tom petty

    almost everything by Cypris Hill

    Pass the duchie musical youth

    the pot song by rude street peters

    reefer man by cab calloway

    rainy day woman by bob dylan

    tamborine man by bob dylan

    marihjuana by country joe

    julie been working by the clash

    I think Bone Thugs and Harmony had a couple. Dr Dre's first solo album was called the Chronic

    Sweet Jane by the velvet underground

    There are a ton.

    (smoke two joints was not Sublime's song. They covered it)

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    I got stoned and I missed it-ray stevens

    Smoke 2 joints-sublime

    My smoking song-lil wyte

    roll another joint-tom petty

    marijuanaville-insane clown posse

    I'll never smoke weed with willie again-toby keith

    much sticky- ding

    Mary jane's last dance-tom petty

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    Smoke Two Joints - Sublime

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    pass me da green by master p

    bin laden weed by three 6 mafia

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    Best song ever

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