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Mexico or Portugal?

Which is the better soccer team? Mexico or Portugal?

11 Answers

  • Eazy
    Lv 6
    1 decade ago
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    I think Mexico, not by a lot, but it's more consistent. Mexico usually makes it to the World Cups regardless of an easy confederation. The level of players by comparing against one another is very similiar. Both have yet to prove themselves by winning a World Cup. Mexico has a Confederations Cup, 7 Gold Cups (3 Named CONCACAF Championship), while Portugal does not have a single trophy yet. Mexico has assisted to 13 World Cups while Portugal has assisted to 4. If you would compare individually amongst the players, then they are very equal, this is how it would somehow look in my opinion:

    GK: G. Ochoa or Ricardo?__________Ochoa

    RD: R.Osorio or P. Ferreira?________Ferreira

    DF: R. Marquez or F. Meira?________Marquez

    DF: J.Magallon or R.Carvalho?______Carvalho

    LD: C.Salcido or J. Ribeiro?________Salcido

    Def Mid: Pardo or Petit?___________Pardo

    Right Mid: F.Arce or C.Ronaldo?_____C.Ronaldo

    Left Mid: A. Guardado or Simao?____Guardado

    Att Mid: Giovani/Zinha or Deco?_____Deco

    FW: O.Bravo or N.Gomes?_________Bravo

    FW: N.Castillo or H. Postiga?_______Castillo

    Now, these are just my opinions on the players, of course everyone has their different opinions. And even as players is almost very equal.

  • Portugal

  • 1 decade ago

    Portugal, just have offence. In the other side Mexico has a little of everything

  • 1 decade ago

    right now mexico hasnt shown anything to be better than portugal, but soon they will be because they are being coached from sven erikkson

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Mexico has no offensive sport no one to end off their performs their aerial attack is pathetic their merely solid participant is their goalie and a forward who's harm indefinitely. So the opportunities for Mexico triumphing are narrow to none

  • 1 decade ago

    Probably Mexico

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    are you serious? its PORTUGAL OFF COURSE! portugal beat mexico in the world cup, ahah what a stupid question!

  • 1 decade ago

    PORTUGAL OF COUSRE, and to eazy dude thats not Portugal's lineup

  • ntisme
    Lv 5
    1 decade ago


  • Knight
    Lv 5
    1 decade ago


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