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Anonymous asked in Business & FinanceRenting & Real Estate · 1 decade ago

landlord? renting?

who rents an apartment here and has to ask for permision to have something in their place ? for an example like an airconditioner? i live in an basement apartment and i bought a window airconditioner and i cannot have it cause it wasn't vented duumy me. i put it on the chair in my bed room to cool off my room. so their was water dripping on the carpet only a small spot dripped on the carpet so i had my boyfriend to vaccum it up with a wet/dry vac. it came dry again. so my land lord went crazy and she was bi..... at us so i had to get rid of the airconditioner. its hot in my basement. now i am using fans only. who else lives in an basement apartment here? and has lord problems? i cannot afford to move out everything is too expensive. so i am stuck here. cause everything is included here. let me know asap

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    You are not able to use a window air conditioner without it being vented through a window. As one of the other posters mentioned, go buy a room air conditioner that doesn't need to be vented. Home depot has a few of them and they're rather pricey.

    But, with that said... you said you live in a "basement apartment"... In most states in the US, a basement cannot be rented out as an apartment for safety reasons. Much of it has to do with having a quick means of escape in case of an emergency. There needs to be an entry/exit directly into the apartment. Your landlord could be illegally renting you that basement apartment. If this is the case (please check with your city rental codes), then you have something you can use as leverage with your landlord.... "let me use this air conditioner, or else i'm reporting you for violating the law." You can simply move out, but they cannot... so it hurts them more than it'll hurt you.

    Just my $0.02.

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  • Tim
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    1 decade ago

    A windows AC is not meant to run inside a room. There are special AC's that are made to run indoors.

    I have seen them at Home Depot for about $300 to $400.

    I too, would make you get rid of the AC. It wasn't made to be used the way you are. If the landlord pays the electric, that could be anouther reason.

    You should have asked or thought about it prior to moving in.

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  • 1 decade ago

    There must be some state or city agency that deals with landlord-tenant relations. If you cannot find such information online, try calling the city hall and ask them to refer you. You need to find out your rights as a renter and what a landlord can/cannot do.

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  • 1 decade ago

    You should of asked prior to just doing it. If you were leaking water all over my carpet and put an air conditioners inside that was went to be outside you are lucky all he did was flip out and not throw you out.

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