How are my MLB/NFL fantasy teams? (Only 2 teams that I need help with)?

Ok here is my MLB, 5th place, newly made with 2 trades.

Geovany Soto

Mark Texiera

Brian Robberts

Jimmy Rollins

Chipper Jones

Vladmir Guerrero

Jacoby Ellsbury

Jose Guillen

Torii Hunter

Garret Atkins

Rick Ankiel

Justin Duchsherer

Jake Peavy

John Lackey

Tim Hudson

Johnathon Sanchez

Daisuke Matsuzaka

Brad Lidge

Carlos Marmol

Jonathon Papelbon

George Sherill

Felix Hernandez

Now for my NFL team which I think I'm short of some players.

QB- Peyton Manning

WR- Plaxico Burress

WR- Hines Ward

WR- Kevin Curtis

RB- Marion Barber

RB- WIllie Parker

TE- Tony Gonzalez

K- Robbie Gould

D/ST- Chicago

BN- Santana Moss

Matt Forte

Bobby Engram

Patrik Crayton

Kurt Warner

Greg Olsen

Definately need help with my NFL team!


I'm actually in 5th place in my fantasy baseball league. But with my new team that probably would change as I made major moves this week.

For football, I don't really know. It's my 3rd team and my 2nd one is way better than that. Havent drafted in my 1st team yet so yeah. Ill try to trade away Parker for a better WR.

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    The two above clearly don't really know what they are talking about. No offense, but that MLB team is great. Good catcher, 1st basemen, 2nd. 3rd, SS (even though he's kinda slumping), 3rd and the OF is pretty good, but not great. Only problem is the OF I would say but even that isn't all that still have Hunter, Ankiel, Guillen...etc. Your pitching is also pretty phenominal too. I mean, a lineup with the King, Dukes, Peavy, Lackey, Hudson,'s a solid *** team. And once everyone gets healthy, you'll reep. You must be at least the first, second or third best team in your league.

    However, I can poke holes in your NFL team....but only slightly. You have a stud point in even getting into that (a better backup would have been nice, but it's'll be fine). Your WR's are solid, but not top tier and I at least like one top tier WR on my a Housh/Andre/Fitz type. Plaxico is pretty much that for you and he's ehhhh....he's good....but not great. Ward was unfaithful to Big Ben last season and Ben found a new favorie target in Santonio Holmes, so that pick was ehhh too. Curtis could be good, but then there's always the "everything" machine that Westbrook is and the injury prone also another iffy situation. Your backup WR's arent great....but alright. Moss is the only really useable one (Engram too old, Crayton secondary to TO...etc.) Your TE situation is fine, Gonzalez is a nice choice and you have Olsen to back, again nice.

    Now your RB's. I like Barber....but I'm scared that this season will become a replica of last season (no 1000 yards for Barber) because of the addition of Felix Jones to back him up. That could be a problem for you. Parker could be an even bigger problem for you however. Who knows how he's coming back this season....we all hope it's fine....but if Mendenhall was picked....we can only pray. You have a talented backup in it's alright. If possible try to get Felix Jones and Mendenhall as handcuffs to your RB's.

    DST....I dont trust Chicago, but they are definately a solid unit and I guess you must feel something for them as well (Robbie Gould).

    Hope I helped. Good Luck.... :)

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  • Im not good with fantasy baseball. This is my first year playing fantasy baseball, so I cant help you there.

    But im a seasoned vet in fantasy football. I like your team. The only thing i would recommend you do is try to pick up another running back via trade. If you can, ship willie parker off. I might be sleeping on parker because of the steelers drafting mendenhall, but i don't like his situation. He probably won't get too many goal line carries. Other than that, i like your team.

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  • Jeff
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    I kinda like your football team. Engram will be the #1 in Sea. and will probably end up in many of your starting line-ups. Forte should start and be the main back in Chi. I like Crayton and Olsen as well. If Warner gets in Ariz. line-up he will be huge and great trade-bait for a #2 WR for you. (Curtis and Ward are weak) Good Luck in the play-offs.

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    now how the hell did you get all of those players on your football team? thats a dream team! you must not have a draft...

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  • Anonymous
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    ur mlb team only has 5 good people but your nfl team will kill

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