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What is a size 5 in Seven Jeans? Is it close to a size 27?

I don't really know what size I wear in Seven Jeans for All Mankind...

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    I don't really know either, but I'm guessing the size would be your waist measurement? Like size 27 would be for someone with a 27" waist..

    I just went on the site and found a size chart.. it says that a size 4 would be a 27" waist..

    You can look at it for yourself, I put a link in my source thingy, just CTRL + F and type in size chart or something.

    And the answer above me says that size 24 is a 0 but according to the size chart size 24 is 00...

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    It's a 27 or 28.

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    Yes, that's about a size five. The thing is, the 27 is a WAIST size. Measure yourself around the waist and that will tell you what size you wear. (Size 24 is a 0 )

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    it should be but to make sure is to look at a basic size chart and see what size your waist is and that will tell you

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    The best way to know for sure is to go to a store and try them on.

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