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Question for each reg.......?

Bmore: Fav. Mariah Carey song?

Mech:Favorite Jazz Artist?

Aja: If i dress up as Mos Def, will i have a chance?(lmao)

El Prez: you gonna for Obama?

New Moon Daughter:Fav Rapper?

Chuck Norris: Second favorite kick?

Angel: Fav Sade song?

Bonnie: Fav Chuck D song?

Tahir: Fav 2pac Album?

more in a min


Misstress: do you think Kanye west is Arrogant?

Update 2:

NASTY: Biggie or 2pac?

Update 3:

TYW: bleach ir roundhouse kick? ya face!!!!jk top 3 fav rappers?

Update 4:


Update 5:

Ninja: Fav Hip Hop Movie?

Update 6:

@Bonnie Eminem-313

Update 7:

Tahir : his 313 verse

Update 8:

oooooo my bad Tahir...... I read it wrong...

Update 9:

thats tough tahir i really dont like when he's feat. in songs but

Imma say the touch it remix at the BET awards

Update 10:

YaYa: Fav NY rapper?

Update 11:

Ninja: I say first most of the time

for example:Wu tang

Update 12:

JT: Angelina Jolie or JLO

who would you give the business to?

Update 13:

YaYa :| Besides Buckshot !

Update 14:

i really dont have a favorite south rapper at all, to tell you the truth (that was out before the 90's

Update 15:


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  • Black Steel In The Hour of Chaos.

    What's your favourite Eminem song?

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    *throws bleach in eye*

    Bleached foot with roundhouse kick.

    1. Nas

    2. Jay-Z

    3. Ice Cube

  • tezeno
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    3 years ago

    weird and wonderful - You in no way understand what loopy obscene stuff he will come out with next, and he merely would not provide a f**ok what he says lol and Mr. Porter aka Kon Artis - His beats are ill

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago


    My favorite Hip Hop movie is Krush Groove.

    I'm also a sucker for Skool Daze.. Tisha Campbell was bangin back then....

    Question for you... What has more impact on a rappers legacy.. THEIR FIRST ALBUM or their LAST??

    YAYA... what it really do?.. I'm good, i know I've been MIA, I was in NY for a minute.. I touched down not too long ago..


    I'm on my 6th suspension YAYA.. Add me as your contact..

  • 1 decade ago

    *puts pine sol n your bleach then mashes it n your dreds*

    <<<<<<<<<<<< i mean nothing to u.... fine than!!! J/P ;-) LOL

    EDIT~ damn it couldve been a little harder than that brother....

    buckshot<<<<<<<< 2 easy

    *my question for u whos ur favorite down south rapper not from the 90's??

    Source(s): NINJA~~~~ whats up brother??? havent seen u n a while!!! how ya been?
  • 1 decade ago

    Sun Ra

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago


    All Eyez On Me

    Q for you: What's your favourite Eminem guest verse aside from 'Renegade'?

    EDIT: Yo 313 was his own song, I said *guest* verse...

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    *FLYING* Round House Kick

  • 1 decade ago

    Oh my god im a reg Lol

    Haha i would but im only 14 now.

    hopefully by the next election I will be able to help re-elect him.

    Source(s): Excellence
  • Are you SERIOUS... you want me to pick just 1??

    Do you know how hard this is lol??


    Subtle invitation or Bliss


    Whats your favorite Mariah carey song??????

    Do you like her new Album (if you heard it)?????

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