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cross country running?

do you have practices everyday like other sports?

What do I need to bring to practices startin august?

How Long?

Sorry First time in XC

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    Yes, you definitely have them everyday except for sunday because that's the only day i get off on my team. it depends on your coach though, for how much you practice. my coach is intense! running is a really low maintenance sport so you probably just need a little bag with about 2 water bottles in it because you will get really thirsty and maybe a little snack like a banana to eat before or after your run. sometimes my coach provides snacks because we burn so many calories on our runs, but you should bring one in case. my practices are 2 hours and the varsity runs twice a day during the summer. most days you will run about 4 or 5 miles on average. on long run days, which are saturday for my team, we run about 6 or 7. it's a hard, love-hate sport, but i'm sure you'll do fine! just don't be tempted to quit when the going gets hard. you have to stick it out! i wanted to quit so many times, but now i love it!

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    I ran cross country in highschool.

    Just like other sports they practice every day, weights, runnng obviously, and ususally some things to spice it up.

    When you go to practice make sure to bring a gym bag, with some shorts, some pants (incase it rains or gets cold), a lot of water, sometimes getting sweat bands for your head and arm is nice if you sweat a lot. It really is fun and you make a lot of great friends. The amount you run is totally depending on you! Just like any sport, all coaches are different and will have different practice times. Most races are usually 5k (3.1 miles) but some are more and some are less. Make sure you wear some running shoes, and I always wore compression shorts, they help a lot, not only keeping your cool but keeping your shorts from riding up! XD Good luck! It's tons of fun!

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    for most schools cross country "runs" every day except sundays.. it could be a meet or practice depending on the schedule

    you need to bring sturdy running shoes, a water bottle, and at some schools athletic forms...

    most xc races are 3.1 miles but they range from 2.8-3.7.. at practice jv will normally train at the most 5 miles... they will start lower though

    varsity runs anywhere from 7-12 miles... but the guys usually run furtherrr... over the summer start running a mile every other day for a week then build up to 3 miles... progressing almost a mile each week... that way your body isnt as sore as it would be if you didnot run over the summer

    dont sweat it.. .xc is fun and you meet lots of kids!

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    bring an underarmor because it can get cold running in the woods, a water,gloves, a hat, you do not usually have practices everyday unless you are very serious about it!! good luck and keep with it cuz it is really good for your body to exercise like that!

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    you have to practice everyday except sundays. you need running shoes (that's really important).

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    yes you will have everyday practices

    water and good running shoes

    it was only one season.

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